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publicat in: Terrace & Garden // Publicata pe 29.09.2016

Natural light is essential when you plan to extend the impact of interior ambient elements into the exterior. This is why large doors / windows are recommended to allow the light a best possible highlight of the natural stone used for the interior.


However, depending solely on light is not enough, the natural stone used in the interior needs to be found also on the exterior. For example, the natural stone used for the living room flooring, needs to be also used for the terrace flooring. However, if the match is not 100%, at least use very similar colors for the two types of stone. You can obtain almost the same effect by cladding an interior and exterior wall with the same natural stone, as if the second wall would be the extension of the first. For such projects, it is recommended to have the door as close as possible to these walls, such as any guest could have a first visual contact with such a decorative natural stone extension.


Photo source: www.outhaus.ie


Interior and exterior decoration make use of lines for designating a direction, like sort of a focus. And natural stone decoration projects use it to the fullest. Without being always intentional, the way you install a floor or a wall indicates something relating to how you look at it, a zoom or a shrinking in space. When you have a natural stone flooring with tile’s length parallel to the threshold, it is not recommended – in terms of small houses – to install the exterior tiles perpendicular on the threshold. The result will be a break away from consistency and a highlight of the limit, instead of understating it. And of course, these natural stone tiles should be similar or at least with the same color and size.


Photo source: www.home-designing.com


Height – If you plan to build a smaller house, keep in mind that the height difference between the terrace and interior should be reduced to minimum possible. As a result, you benefit twice: the terrace will seem larger looking at the house, and looking at the terrace from the inside, will give you the feeling of larger surroundings. Of course, you could have the same effect by complying (at least partially) with the already mentioned advices regarding the natural stone flooring and walls. Also add to this large windows, top to bottom, with less furniture for avoiding the obstruction of the view.


Photo source: www.pinterest.com


Common elements – should you made an error of installing natural stone flooring with different colors in living room and exterior terrace, you might have a chance for fading the difference between exterior and interior, while creating the feeling of a larger, more open space. Choose an area (between living room and terrace), on which you are going to have objects (large or small but many) with same color and texture as the flooring from the other area (not the chosen one). As a result, the color variation will temporarily solve the space issue until you decide which floor to replace so that your small and beloved home would seem more spacious and comfortable.


This is just an example of how natural stone can easily solve this problem: amplifying the sensation of space in small and medium size areas.


For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

A new sense of space with natural stone
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