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publicat in: Terrace & Garden // Publicata pe 15.01.2018

One of the first things noticed by people visiting PIATRAONLINE Pavilion was the floor. Instead of the old concrete, they were welcomed by a floor entirely made of granite tiles 3 cm thickness, perfectly aligned to the same level as if they were cast. A single hint makes you reject this theory of casting material: the empty spaces between plates. For many it was a mystery that perfectly even floor in our pavilion.

The "mystery" consists of some plastic spacers (polypropylene), very resistant, but very light, called adjustable paver pedestals. They can adjust their height and angle to the ground very simply so that the floor is flat. These adjustable paver pedestals can reach up at a height of 45 cm. Height adjustment is done through a threaded system: some large nuts, also made of green plastic, easy to rotate, allow the segments to be raised at your desired distance. Very simple.

In the upper part, on the top of each pedestal, there are four edges that guide the fixing of the corners of the four plates that come on the pedestal. These small but solid edges prevent tiles from sliding and guarantee their stability. Basically, each tile in the structure of such floating floors is supported by four pedestals.
Both upper and lower parts (which come in contact with the ground) attach themselves very good, which gives extra stability to the floor. To use a metaphor in the medical field, each pedestal represents a cell almost identical to the other (some have slightly different heights, if there are uneven areas), and, together with the floor tiles, will form a stable organism. So stable that, PIATRAONLINE pavilion with the floating floor has been stepped over the last two months by hundreds of visitors and we have had no problem.

The advantages of these plots! Can be used on any kind of floating floor, whether made of natural stone, concrete tiles, composite material, iron, plastic or wood fiber boards. Because they can be brought to the same level are ideal for uneven areas, whether public or residential.
Floating floor protects cable, power, TV, hoses, etc. All of this can pass under the tiles supported / fixed on adjustable paver pedestals. At the same time, because the tiles of this type of flooring can easily be manipulated at any time, access to these cables, hoses or pipes can be done almost instantly in case of an emergency.
The adjustable pavers are durable against sunlight and freeze-thaw cycles (-40 / + 120 degrees Celsius), to rain, sea water, to various chemical solutions, etc. They have a very small weight, which means they are easy to carry and store.

As can be seen from these qualities, the floating floors made of natural stone promote creativity in the design of exterior and interior spaces. You can play with them as you wish to get everything out of the space available. And autumn, with the rains and wind-dried leaves, it's the perfect season to understand what a courtyard / patio / alley with natural stone flooring supported by adjustable pavers can do: no mud, which can be washed immediately without leaving traces of water (water flows through the tiles).
But because it is easy to mount, you can also have such a floor in the shortest time as part of the autumn decoration project that you probably have already begun.

If you want details about this convenient and revolutionary flooring solution you can get in touch with us by phone at +40318.222.333 or email at export@piatraonline.com. We are looking forward to hear from you!

Adjustable pedestals for beautiful exterior pavers projects
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