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The bedroom is definitely the most intimate space in a house, imagined for relaxation and sleep. A relaxing oasis to escape and avoid the daily routine. Bedroom is fundamental, so it must be the most comfortable area of your house. Before you start decorating your bedroom, think about your needs, the utility of your bedroom and the elements you need to be integrated in there. For avoiding clutter, you need to have a part for each object, asking yourself twice before deciding you need something. We usually find bedroom inspiration in interior design magazines and Pinterest. Most of the time we abandon these ideas because we imagine we need a higher budget compared to our assesments. Next, we planned to collect the most beautiful bedrooms, to serve you as inspiration and best of all, it will supposedly not blown away your budget.


1. What colors are recommended for a bedroom?


First of all, although it is usually the first topic, wall colors in a bedroom is not necessarily a starting point. Depending on the furniture and the elements of a bedroom, we can decide on colors later. If we were to choose the color in the beginning, it might complicate your project – selecting the furniture and decoration objects. Nevertheless, the colors we choose can influence the general state of the space. For example, if you need a space to sleep and relax our recommendations would be warm shades of beige, cream, light blue or different shades of grey. These are very easy to match with the rest of ambience and every night you will enjoy your most wanted tranqulity. For avoiding space cluttering and exhaustion, you should stay away from strong, contrasting colors. If you want to add color touches you can do it with decorative elements – drapes, bed linens, armchairs or carpets.


Most of the time, for playing safe, it is recommended to use many shades of a single color. Your bedroom decoration project should become simpler from the moment you decided on the shades for this space.


2. Important elements of bedroom decoration


Whether natural or artificial, light is an essential element of space. The look of your bedroom is influenced by the time spent in there and the nature of your bedroom time. You’re lucky if you have large windows in your bedroom. This will give you a truly unique space, underlining every element. If space is not a problem, you can order a window sill from Volakas Marble or granite – the most durable natural stone – for enjoying your morning coffee or simply as support for your flower pots.


If your light comes from external sources, you have to consider adding seconday lighting sources, such as a bedside lamp for reading. Furthermore, for the main lighting sources in the ceiling you can install a dimer for enjoying the desired light intensity whenever you want.


Nightstands are other elements constantly used for bedrooms decoration projects. What if we replace this object with a small table of natural stone, big enough for supporting a lamp, your favorite book or personal effects? In our product range you will find Volakas Marble – Moon Cofee Table, a perfect fit for the intimacy of your bedroom. If you have enough space, you can create a personal space for reading/other favorite activities, with an armchair and a lamp that will shape the ambience. If you used a warm color or different shades of grey in the general concept of space, you can use the armchair for adding a splash of color.


3. Ideas for bedroom decoration with natural stone


If you want to create a relaxation oasis and an authentic space for your bedroom, we recommend natural stone wall cladding for a wall. For example, Laguna Green Riven Slate Panels are ideal for modern designs, and Multi Slate Wall Cladding Panel for a rustic bedroom. Besides its durability, the beauty of natural stone is always in style.


"Natural stone wallpaper" is another idea of bedroom decoration that will bring you closer to the desired space. And yes, natural stone is flexible and thin enough, just like a wallpaper, so it is possible to clad a bedroom wall. SKIN flexible slate is a totally atypical and unique product which transformed the perspective of interior design and is able to adapt for curves and atypical shapes also. PIATRAONLINE’s product range includes 18 textures for this material, enough so that you can choose the one perfect for your bedroom. Amazing projects need materials to match. For this, SKIN flexible slate also has a translucent version that will convey a spectacular effect – the stone texture will be more highlighted and your bedroom will seem a fairytale.


If you want to obtain the same fairytale effect, you should clad a wall with Honey Onyx – which is nothing but elegance and refinement. You have unlimited options, but natural stone will definitely find its part in your bedroom decoration project, one way or the other. You might feel amazed y the beauty of natural stone, but try to avoid cluttering, by providing enough of this natural material and expect it to return the essential tranquility.


4. Bedroom models for matching your style


Modern bedroom


A bedroom decoration project, regardless of its style, should use natural materials, even if this means refurbished wood objects, a plain marble shelf or just a plant in a pot. Natural materials influence our state of mind much more than we imagined. Modern does not mean kitsch, but a more optimized style and geometric lines crossing the space. For avoiding an overcrowded room with cabinets, use a single wardrobe/dressing and at most bedside tables. Choose honed and natural finishes. Natural stone panels can be used for wall cladding. The bed, perhaps the most important element of this room: choose a simple, solid wood model. For a special touch, you can use a minimalistic dresser at the end of the bed for storage. We recommend the use of lighting objects with geometric shapes and chromed finish.


Simplicity should be the key word here. That's why textures and congested prints have no place in a modern bedroom decoration project. And this is also valid for strong colors that need to be avoided, alongside shades of beige and greys. At the very least you can match your decoration project with a painting above the bed, acting also as splash of color.


Minimalist bedroom


This bedroom model is a space that caresses your senses after a busy day. A retreat and a soul sanctuary. The elegance and importance of Arabescato Marble can be inserted in the background of your bedroom as slabs. The white furniture is a perfect fit for the minimalist style that can be matched with different shades of grey from decoration items. Simplicity is also the key word for this decoration project.


Classic Bedroom


A decoration project for this type of bedroom relies on using wood and solid wood objects, floral prints and collectibles – refurbished vintage furniture. Everything is massive, the textures are strong and underlined and the dressing uses an entire wall. The colors you can use for such a decoration project are: white, gray, beige, black, while strong contrasts are avoided. This type of bedroom decoration is an extension of your Bohemian personality and must be expressed accordingly. If you want a matching bed with timeless classic style, choose a solid wooden bed headboard and a comfortable mattress to sink in every night.


5. Decorative elements for bedroom decoration


Everybody loves large windows rooms, especially with a view of nature, but there are moments when you want to sleep late. Draperies are ideal solutions for covering your windows and providing them a consistent design, yet also with a specific purpose: to keep the light away from sleepy people. Velvet is an excellent material that conveys elegance and refinement, but it is also ideal for keeping the light away. If you consider it a too abundant texture for your bedroom decoration, you can use cotton, linen or silk draperies, opting for a darker color.  Depending on the available space, you can also choose draperies, if you don't want them to be simple. Should your bedroom have a low height ceiling, vertical stripes draperies will make the place seem taller.


Ancient furniture has a story behind and you can keep it by refurbishing it. A space decoration project does not always mean throwing away or donating all the furniture, even if this is ancient. By refurbishing it, you will reveal a hidden beauty, save your budget from expense and create a point of attraction. The ancient wooden table can be transformed into a toilet table where every lady in the house can spoil herself. You still have to add a mirror and a light source and it will serve as a retreat.


The white Volakas Marble – Moon Coffee Table has definitely a space of its own. It can be a stylish decoration element for your flower vase, glossy magazines or your favorite books.


Use the SKIN flexible slate for cladding the bedroom dressing. With 18 textures available, you will find at least one that fits your bedroom design.


6. Bedroom decoration project as a resting and work space


The bedroom is an extension of your personality, therefore it should follow your needs. If you are a quite active, but you also need a workspace, you can turn your bedroom into an office with a rest and relaxation area. For this you should have enough space and the office should be positioned toward a source of natural light, preferably the window. Consider a minimalist style, for having an uncluttered, optimized space, without looking overcrowded.


White or black marble is perfect for countertop – an elegant material and a source of inspiration for your projects. For storage you could have a single body furniture element that can be cladded with SKIN flexible slate for banishing monotony and creating an authentic piece of furniture. The recommended colors for relaxation and inspiration are – shades of white, cream, beige and colored greys. Avoid using bright colors because are exhausting and you will have no more relaxation. For such space, do not forget to use secondary lighting sources such as lamps, suspended ergonomic bulbs or LEDs. We have prepared some models of bedrooms that can also be used as a workspace and hopefully it will serve as inspiration for your project.


Since we already presented you ideas of bedroom decoration and recommended materials, maybe you could also use to review a couple of things to avoid alongside usual mistakes:


Do not associate more styles! You might have more than one favorite styles, but you select the one that defines you. Some elements of different styles might seem fine together, but as long as you don't have an expert opinion, you'd better stick to one style. Moreover, it might end with a cluttered space and you do not want that.


Never choose a furniture based only on your taste! Do not get this wrong, obviously you get to choose all bedroom furniture, but it’s possible that certain parts will not fit and this reflects in the final ambience. For example, you might want a king size bed, but your bedroom might be too small for this and it would "steal" all your space.


Keep it simple with decorative objects! These elements are designed for decorating your bedroom, not overcrowding it. It is best to keep a minimum of objects that make you feel "at home”, each with a specific purpose. Use pillows with soft texture, qualitative materials and the suitable prints – uni prints or floral, to match your bedroom style. Avoid overcrowding the room with many frames or paintings.


Before you begin collecting inspiration for a space decoration project such as the bedroom, you have to consider its utility and essentially, the conveyed sensations. Your bedroom could be a relaxing space for your free time or you can create both a space for relaxation and rest, as well as a space to work – an integrated office. Only after establishing the utility of such a space you can start to imagine what it will look like. Every corner should transmit something and have a specific part, perhaps only aestethic.


Natural materials such as wood and stone will be a fine match for your project. First of all, because are natural materials and their beauty is unique. The conveyed atmosphere reflects the ambience of a bedroom and the textures shape really special places. Natural stone can have unlimited shapes for adapting to your home and needs, all you have to do is believe in it and allow it to get involved in your house decoration project. Visit our website for more inspiration! We are prepared to help so that your home can become a personal retreat, where you feel yourself, feel "at home".

Bedroom decoration: discover 6 ideas for decorating your bedroom
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