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Ceramic tiles adhesive for interior & exterior - Weber Set EX25 Max²

Product code : APN-1007

Used for fixing:
• Ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles and similar materials with normal absorption (Class BII, BIII), for interior and exterior on protected surfaces.
• Porcelain tiles (Class BI) for interior and exterior on protected surfaces (covered terraces). It is applied to cement underlays: concrete, lightweight concrete, porous concrete, cement plasters, lime plasters, old plasters, cement screeds, underlays (with cement or dispersion). Weber GR100 can also be applied to other surfaces with high or low water absorption.

The underlay must be clean, non-deformable, dry, stable and free from anti-adhering substances (grease, bitumen, dust etc.). Concretes must be cured, the screeds must have minimum 28 days curing period and plasters must have medium absorption. Layers with poor mechanical strength will be removed in advance. Irregularities up to 1 cm can be repaired with Weber.set EX25 Max² one day before cladding. The faces of the ceramic tiles must be clean, free from traces of grease, oil, dust or other impurities. If underlay was treated with Weber GR100 deep primer before cladding, you should allow it to dry it completely.

Pour the contents of a bag into approx. 6 - 6.5 liters of clean, cold water and mix with an electric mixer until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, without agglomeration. Leave it like this for approx. 5 minutes, then mix again. The resulting adhesive mortar is applied on the underlay using a grooved trowel. If the support is uneven, the adhesive will be applied to both the underlay and the tile. Tiles are attached to the contact surface by hand pressing, moving them onto the adhesive layer (if necessary using a rubber mallet) until a flat surface is obtained. Tiles should be laid in the adhesive layer within open time (before the crust forms on the surface of the adhesive). For ensuring a suitable contact surface, the adhesive must cover at least 65% of the back of tile for interior cladding and 100% for exterior cladding. The joints will be grouted after minimum 24 hours, using the Weber.color grout range.

Apply the adhesive when the air and underlay temperature is between + 5 °C to + 30 °C; bad weather (rain, snow, strong wind, direct exposure to sunlight) should be avoided. Cladded surfaces will be protected against frost for 24 hours. Fresh mortar will be removed from the cured surfaces and joints during application, using clean water. Surfaces can be used after minimum 24 hours and can be exposed to medium stress after approx. 7 days. The used tools are washed with water immediately after use.

Grey cement based powder adhesive with mineral additions and synthetic resins, applicable in thin layer. Product manufactured with the innovative "No Dust" technology.

Water consumption: approx. 6-6.5 l / bag
Tensile strength in bending, dry state: ≥ 1 N / mm2
Tensile strength after water immersion: ≥ 1 N / mm2
Tensile strength after heat action: ≥ 1 N / mm2
Compression resistance after freeze-thaw cycles: ≥ 1 N / mm2
Contraction: <0.5 mm
Starting time: approx. 90 min
Working time: approx. 30 min
Adjustment time: approx. 10 min
Cladding are ready to use after: about 24 hours

12 months from manufacturing date under storage conditions on wooden pallets in dry environment.

Technical specifications
Lenght (m) m
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