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When choosing a material for a decoration project you have more things to consider besides price, such as durability and hardness, appearance and quality. Here are the main features of natural stone that might interest you and why marble, granite, travertine or slate are more efficient (and beautiful) investments for your design project, against ceramic tiles.

Extended lifetime and hardness

Natural stone is famous for its rare high density and hardness. In terms of availability we have granite, travertine, slate etc and also many sizes (thicknesses) and finishes (honed, brushed, tumbled, polished), to be able to find the one suitable for your project (for exterior and heavy traffic areas we recommend thicker tiles, for interior, the thicker tiles will have almost sealed pores due to the finish etc.).

Unlike natural stone, ceramic tiles are much thinner and more porous, but also less durable against cracking or even breakage. Marble, travertine or granite flooring will maintain their original appearance up to 50 years if properly maintained, while the lifetime warranty and the neat appearance of ceramic tiles range from 5 up to maximum 10 years. This is a quite important difference, establishing natural stone as one of the most durable building materials, unlike ceramic tiles from from any point of view.

Waterproofing and stain resistance

We recommend professional solutions for waterproofing and cleaning natural stone with no influence on surface texture. Unlike ceramic tiles, natural stone can be waterproofed with special solutions for increased durability against stains, steam, grease stains and similar hazards. Whether we have honed or glossy surface, the waterproofing solutions will not allow dirt to penetrate the pores, thus facilitating surface cleaning.

Besides, water vapours are stopped from reaching deep within pores, so mildew is out of the question. And while the waterproofing process can be repeated every few months or a year, the ceramic tiles have no such advantage, by giving up their insulating properties in time, with no option to recover.

The look


Concept areas cladded with natural stone, in PIATRAONLINE showroom, 137A, Aleea Teisani

Diversity is available for both materials, yet natural stone’s beauty is unmatched: natural stone tiles have fascinating veins (especially travertine) and dynamic shades, created by nature over millions of years by pressure. These are all features much more beautiful compared to the standard look of a material that only replicates the tones and natural texture.

The natural beauty of a tile cannot be compared with anything and besides, natural stone is available in a wide color variation, ranging from cold gray and white shades to warm earthy colors such as beige, browns and even copper color, but also cheerful green or yellow shades, unique by their very cheerful nature. Besides, the particularity of each piece of natural stone is a fact, so your decoration project will borrow this special touch, which is quite impossible for ceramic tiles.


Bathroom wall cladded with Classic Cross Cut Tumbled Travertine 10 x 10 x 1 cm

We have natural stones for any budget, with value conveyed by both natural and elegant appearance and efficient investment: instead of replacing every couple of years, when you get bored by their appearance or it gets damaged, if you choose natural stone your only concern will be the waterproofing and cleaning with acid-free detergents. So, it will be a much smaller (financial) effort in the long run.

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Bathroom: Mini French Pattern Travertine flooring and SKIN flexible slate decorative wall. More details on this project you can find here.

Quality and Luxury

Natural materials indicate luxury and elegance and by choosing it you will convey these aspects with your decoration project. Natural stone is recommended by contractors – due to durability and architects or interior designers, because of its natural appearance.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Ceramic tiles vs. natural stone: advantanges and disadvantages
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