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publicat in: Different natural stones // Publicata pe 23.09.2016

Everyday, our showroom is visited by many people. Some of them know exactly their needs because they visited us many times, so they will decide based on suitability and personality. But there are also the first timers, amazed at the wide range of displayed products. "I never knew there were so many types of natural stone" – is a phrase often repeated. Later, the first timers begin asking questions, then comment or take photos for sharing with their family / closed friends / architect / site manager etc... And most of the times, this category of customers cannot decide in their first visit. It's only natural. Exactly for this type of situations, we decided to write and publish this article.

Natural stones can be displayed in many ways to convey a wide range of moods. Some have warm and soothing colors... Other have specific combinations and a color variation for satisfying the need for darker ambience and then you have natural stone simply amazing by their color contrast and the huge capacity for energizing areas... So, we have altering appearance natural stones based on light, some more gentle, others with a super vibe... Some remind you of candies … So, there you have it, a huge diversity! Which makes it so hard to make a decision.

The price dictates in many cases. And this is also valid for our customers. But... we had situations in which the customers defined from the beginning a psychological threshold or establish their maximum budget, however upon seeing a natural stone they realy like, the limit / budget was exceeded without too much discussion. Others have not set any budget limit, but the absence of this will not make the choice easier, even complicates the situation. Under these circumstances, it is obvious that a decision is made based on personal preference and aesthetics.

I want Nero Marquina table or bar countertop and I have no budget limit. Would black marble be suitable for me?

This natural stone is truly seductive, but keep in mind that without proper aftercare marble will damage in time and even stain. How to avoid this? By using a protective foil or running with a napkin everytime a guest drops something on the surface? Wouldn't be better to focus on a type of natural stone that looks like marble, but fits more with your lifestyle. An example would be the Extra Blue Polised Granite, also black as marble, yet with more profound accents.

I like my natural stone black, yet I can't stand the dust and crumbs. How could I possibly handle an Extra Blue Polished Granite?

Even though we have a soft spot for cleaning fanatics, we should tell you that this probably it cannot end up good, because the black surface – whether polished finish or honed – highlights every speck of dust or crumb. And even the multicolored stones would not "go along" with it. Textures with a wide color variation will easily disguise dust and it's difficult to clean what you can't see. So, if you are obsessed with cleaning, you should avoid natural stone black countertops and but also the very colored ones. Likewise, for this type of customers we would not recommend natural stones with porous surfaces, such as travertine. A latte travertine countertop with brushed finish means for most people calm and relaxation, yet others would mind, thinking that both the cute and exotic superficial orifices of the latte countertop might always hide crumbs or dust. For customers from the second category, we recommend Polished Limestone Vratza or Polished Volakas Marble.

Where do I find inspiration? In other people.

One can then assume that such a behavior indicates traditionalism and the “play it safe” attitude. Classic, Silver or Latte Travertine, Volakas Marble or Rock Star Grey Granite can be some of the options available for more prudent characters. Accepting challenges with a casual attitude. My models are design magazines or exclusive showrooms. For customers with such mentality we recommend Extra Blue Granite, Multicolor or Mint Green Slate but also Nihaki Black Marble or Polished Onyx Honey. For extra refinement, we suggest visiting our website, because we have a quite wide product range, in terms of color variation and texture.

I want a calm, quiet atmosphere.

This type of “quiet” personality is perfectly conveyed by the setting shaped by natural stones such as Peach Red and Padang Yellow Granites, Classic and Silver Travertines or Thassos Marble, although marble – is often associated with understated elegance... So, it is also contextual.

I don't like it too classic, not very wild either.

For fans of moderation, we recommend some natural stones for interior and exterior decoration projects: Yellow Cross Cut and Travertine Peach, Red Slate, Calacatta, Lilac or Violet marble.

Non-stop party

For people with more or less extreme attitude towards interior design we recommend Noisette Multicolor Riven Slate, Extra Blue Granite or Polished Onyx Hone and the list continues with a wide diversity of mosaics, one more colored and expressive than the other.

The purpose of this article is not about convincing you into a spontaneous buying decision, which it would be also impossible. Our intention is to expose some important aspects that you must consider when choosing a natural stone for your interior or exterior decoration project in a residential or office area. Analyze all the promotions, consider well your expectations and last but not least, get in touch with us. We will gladly help you!

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Choosing natural stone to match your personality
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