Desert Rose (Selenite crystals) Decorative Stone KG

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Product description

Ornamental stone rarely happens to have other purposes besides the aesthetic and functional ones. A wonder of nature, this Desert Rose is an exception! Composed of two minerals, this gemstone looks like a rose's flower. Although it presents itself as quite fragile, it holds a series of therapeutic properties, which includes the quality to relieve stress. In these circumstances, the Desert Rose ornamental stone can find its place anywhere in your home or garden, not only as a decorative object of great effect, but also to support your mental and emotional balance.

It is a stone also known as the Sand Rose because of its sandy composition. Most stones are based on one of two minerals, selenite or barite. At the core of its forming process there are three main elements: water, wind and sand.

The Desert Rose Stone is a decoration that can have a very important influence on human life. It is considered a very powerful stone that hides an inner power that can annihilate negative energies in an environment.

Desert Rose is the colloquially given name to the cluster of rose crystals made of barite which abundantly contains grains of sand.

The crystal rosette phenomenon tends to occur when crystals form in arid sandy conditions such as the vaporation of a shallow salt basin. Drywall roses usually have better defined edges than Baryte roses. Celestine and other pale evaporated minerals can also form rosette groups. Desert Rose can also be known as the sand selenite gypsum and barite (barytes) rock.

Having this selenite boulder near the house or office can help remove blockages of energy and help with your mental acuity, while bringing prosperity to your businesses. This can help strengthen decision-making skills and has been known to ease the work of epileptic seizures. Selenite is a powerful cleanser and is a conduit for healing white light. We have some of the best products coming from the most unlikely places: from coal comes the diamond, from oysters we have pearls, and from sand we have the Desert Rose.

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1 kg
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Interior - floor covering
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1000 Kg

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Suitable for:

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