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publicat in: Different natural stones // Publicata pe 24.08.2018

We already mentioned in here the absolute beauty of marble, yet we feel there are never enough words to describe it. Besides being shaped by nature, marble is more than a simple stone - it is a show from small fragments, brought together by universe for your home. Each piece is different, from the simplest veins to the most beautiful definitions of creation, but regardless of your preferences when it comes to design, marble has an amazing force for highlighting any space in your project.


Besides being more than a simple stone, marble is the very definition of perfection, minor faults included. All other materials can be handled and processed, but natural stone is untouchable. "Bookmatch" defines natural stone as a work of art – two marble tiles placed one in front of the other, basically reflecting its natural beauty. For a wall cladding project, the two tiles will look like an open book, allowing you to discover the unknown story of natural stone. Nature has many secret ways for bring some of its creations into our home.


For such projects only large tiles, square (slabs) are used and "bookmatching" needs only the best quality marble. For this pattern, instead of polishing same side from each tile after being cut from the block, tiles are rotated and polished on opposite sides. Placed them next to each other and you will have a mirror painting, with pieces of the story linked to the same veins crossing the surface. This is a real artwork, isn’t it?


Bookmatch slabs will be the elements of your house story. When used for cladding, are capable of conveying a genuine touch into your home, from kitchen or bathroom walls to the living room of your house or even the fireplace. If you want a more daring and colorful design in your home, Aphrodite Marble is the ideal material by which nature highlights its beauty. The name reflects its nature, as this marble express the bliss state of nature. It will definitely transform your space.


For bathrooms filled with elegance and fantasy, where relaxation is the main feature, Arabescato Marble Bookmatch slabs will be the point of attraction. An amazing combination between white shades and colorful grays, for creating such a beautiful marble model. Besides, natural stone is easy to match with other materials such as wood or metal. If until now bathrooms were only a personal space, with these you obtain an intimate oasis of tranquility, which allows to be yourself.


"Bookmatch" is just another way by which the beauty of marble and ultimately of natural stone, is highlighted and displayed on your home walls. A timeless material, with a story to enjoy and leading you to new prospects. If until now marble was only the painting of absolute beauty, this is where it becomes a work of art for allowing nature to enforce its supremacy.


The natural stone has a feature unavailable for us humans – it is a pefect fit in any place. With every new shape we discover, we are #generatinginspiration, allowing you to discover and fully understand it. The natural stone might be imperfect, but it is precisely these imperfections that convey perfection.

Bookmatching marble for sublime works of art
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