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The fires ignited by quickly flammable materials are more frequently lately. So it is essential to study precisely the building materials capable of generate and sustain fire. You should be aware that lower prices are a trap for the poor quality materials. And this is not like something was broken and it needs replacement, perhaps one more expensive, due to settlement. We are talking here about something more important, because fire cannnot be negotiated! 


Marking of materials, depending on fire resistance


Based on the degree of flammability, building materials have specific ratings, in accordance with a European Standard. Class "A" includes full fire retardant materials, such as brick, concrete, glass, stone, etc., while "E" defines very flammable materials (wood not treated with fire retardant materials, textile fibres). Between these limits, there is a full range which takes into account three basic criteria. These three are: flammability – defined by the time until the material is ignited, the smoke – arised from burning flame and burning mode – signaling the way material is degraded.

This rating is comprised in the European regulation SR EN 13501-1:2007.


Flammable building materials


The industry of building materials and ambient design includes many highly flammable materials. Many of these were treated with fire retardant solutions, however this can only delay ignition eventually burn and smolder, in the event of fire. This category includes wood, cellulose or natural / synthetic rubber, all materials used for doors, floorboards, parquet, carpets, linoleum, wallpaper, drapes. Yes, it is possible to fireproof the drapes, especially in schools, restaurants, hospitals etc... And besides the fact that such materials ignite quickly, they also emit a dense and highly toxic smoke.

Drywall, slightly flammable. The outer surface of drywall is made of cellulose (cardboard). It ignites quickly and emits smoke. When the surface is consumed by fire, the flames are extinguished because the gypsum does not burn. Nevertheless, during this time, the nearby objects and materials can be ignited. It is very important to remember this detail for houses cladded with drywall:  even though it does not burn intensely, this very popular material for interior decorations represents a potential fire source.


Flame retardant building materials


One of the most popular fire retardant building materials are ceramics, glass, clay and natural stone. All these are raw materials for ceramic tiles, mosaic, brick, concrete, marble, granite and travertine.

Natural stone does not burn! The purpose of this article.


Besides the fact that it looks so fine, natural stone is also extremely durable and amazingly versatile. Marble, granite, slate, travertine, onyx, sandstone, and quartzite – all these natural stones are not flammable. Any interior and exterior design with natural stone is a warranty against the spread of fire. Perhaps some materials for interior design are more affordable than natural stone and of course, many people will decice based on these facts... But, this article have nformative purpose about the degree of flammability for the interior design materials (as for example residential areas, or office buildings, restaurants, kindergartens, hotels etc.)


For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Building materials: flammable and flame retardant
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