Exterior decoration projects with Sikis Polygonal Slate: home base and alleys

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Exterior decoration projects with Sikis Polygonal Slate: home base and alleys

The exterior of your house should be designed with the same care as the interior. In a new article from the series of the most interesting projects belonging to PIATRAONLINE clients, this week we are talking about a house in the North of Bucharest, in the Baneasa neighborhood. Owners, Carmen & John, have kept focus on one type of stone (for the backyard alleys and the base of the house) and thus have created a consistent, spacious and beautiful space.
Right from the entrance into the backyard, the color variation of tiles promise a charming space. On the left and right, before the flower garden, there are pebble areas as a transition from the large, polygonal tiles to the grass and flower area.

Alley from house entrance, cladded with Sikis polygonal plates.

What John and Carmen have to say about their decision? "We wanted to clad the base of our house and also to landscape the garden." They searched for a durable and beautiful material and came to PIATRAONLINE, recommended by some friends.

Sikis polygonal slate (large patio flagstone slabs) is a basaltic volcanic rock, very resistant to freeze – thaw cycles, wear, compression and other effects of the environment, climate or human action and contains iron ore. This fact determines the color variation of tile: brown rust, beige, gray, green etc.

The base of the house and the alley close to the house, cladded with the same type of stone

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For the gazebo area, the two owners used the same type of stone and the combination wood - natural stone is beautiful, as usual.

Wooden gazebo

If you want to find out more about the natural stone best suited to your project, give us a call at +40318.222.333, or email at: export@piatraonline.com.

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