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Natural stone is an eco friendly material with increased durability and ideal for residential projects, but also for interiors and exteriors of hotels, bed and breakfast facilities, beauty salons or terraces / clubs. Especially for HORECA decoration projects, consider an essential detail: successful investment in durable materials with stylish appearance and ideal for heavy traffic. Here are the most popular types of natural stone and tips for decorating these spaces:


Marble is one of the most popular natural stones used for thousands of years as building material. It has increased durability in heavy traffic, it is very strong and unlikely to break.

The colors of marble allow the association of many design styles, from classic to daring accents, all available in colors such as white, brown, gray, green and black. Marble is a natural stone with increased durability to compression and freeze-thaw cycles and besides, it is also resistant to moisture. Marble is available with a honed or glossy surface finish, based on customer preference.

For HORECA decoration projects, you should have thicker marble tiles, designed for heavy traffic.

Tips for using marble

You can use marble for flooring in hotels, conference halls, pubs, clubs, but also bed and breakfast facilities, due to a combination between extended lifespan and minimum aftercare. You can clad one or more walls with marble tiles, but you can also decide to manufacture decorative items such as Zen fountains or water fountains. Also, marble can be the ideal material for a bathroom sink or shower tray, in a stylish and luxury hotel. Besides, interior stairs can also be cladded with marble.


Another natural stone very popular for its hardness and durability is granite, mainly consisting o quartz, feldspar or mica. It withstands successfully against winds, rains, extreme temperature variations, but also heavy traffic. Two added benefits for this inspired choice are the high degree of durability against scratches and the unlike chances to break.

Tips for using granite

Granite flooring are one the most durable, with minimum aftercare. A granite flooring is ideal for many high traffic lobbies (such as in a hotel, bed & breakfast facility or a pub). At the same time, this natural stone is also ideal for patio floors but also for entrance alleys in a hotel or restaurant. It can be used for paving gardens or for relaxation spaces. Also for increased durability, the walls in a hotel / bed & breakfast facility can be cladded with granite tiles.


Onyx is a natural stone with black, grey, pink, orange, beige or white color and a particular beauty. It's a translucent, hard mineral, from the category of semi-precious stones. That’s why it is the ideal choice for dynamic, elegant and special spaces.

Backlit onyx countertop photo sources: www.victorystone.ca

Tips for using onyx

Onyx is ideal for interior design, with excellent results in an elegant beauty salon or a SPA. Onyx is perfect for cladding surfaces in bathrooms, hallways or even furniture pieces. It conveys a friendly and luxurious air at the same time. The rough onyx can be the ideal choice for decorating a rustic recreation area in a hotel courtyard, a garden and also the backyard in a bed and breakfast facility.


Floor restaurant, french pattern travertine

Tough, durable, elegant: this is travertine defined in only three words. Yet, the features of this natural stone will not stop here. It is available in different shades of yellow, white, grey, but also brown. Travertine is the high-quality natural stone that fits any interior design concept, with a certain versatility – a distinct elegant stone, with a comfort of shades for creating a relaxed atmosphere. It has a porous and processed texture, it can be glossy or with a honed appearance.

Tips for using travertine

Fits any type of interior design and has countless applicabilities. As a result, this natural stone is ideal for countertops, window sills, bathroom sinks, interior stairs, mosaics, shower trays, wall claddings in bathrooms, but also exterior paving.


Slate is a durable stone, available in many amazing shades, such as ochre and cream, but also colours such as green, grey or black. It is a non-porous natural stone, which makes it ideal for decoration projects, because it does not stain easily and does not absorb water.

Silver Slate Flooring

There is a new type of available slate: SKIN flexible slate – designed with German technology, extremely lightweight and thin, available in several colors and textures and with one huge feature – an important benefit, especially for commercial projects – the ability to be installed effortlessly, in no time.

Tips for using slate

Slate can be used for flooring in hotel rooms, front offices and hallways, but also for kitchen areas or bathrooms. Slate tiles can also be used for cladding interior walls in spas, beauty salons, hotels, but also exterior walls, thanks to slate’s typical hardness.


Obtained from minerals calcite, quartz, aragonite and marl, limestone is a sedimentary natural stone, with excellent durability against freeze-thaw cycles, but also temperature variations. It is not as hard as marble, granite or travertine, but you can use it without problems, especially when it is waterproofed. It has a uniform structure and the available colors are white, yellow and also grey.

Decorative wall cladded with Sparta Limestone Wall Cladding Panel

Tips for using limestone

Limestone is perfect for decorative wall claddings, especially in the interior. This natural stone can also be used for decorative fountains, pool coping around swimming pools and also walkways.

Besides, it is used for fireplaces and it suits perfectly in a rustic design of a hotel room, as well as for decorating a room in a bed and breakfast facility.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

HORECA projects with natural stone
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