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Everything you need to know about oriental terrazzo

publicat in: Living room // Publicata pe 29.04.2016

If you want a spectacular solution for your decoration project, in this article you will find useful information, such as:

- Which is the manufacturing process for the famous terrazzo tiles?

- How to integrate terrazzo tiles into a decoration project?

- How to clean terrazzo tiles?

- What do you need to consider when installing terrazzo tiles?

Terrazzo is a composite material, obtained not as a result of a heat treatment, but with cold process that uses a hydraulic press for compressing the cement. In fact, terrazzo is a mixture of cement, marble, and inorganic pigments, responsible for chromatic versatility.

These colored cement decorative tiles are handmade, so they develop a unique, slightly unfinished appearance, which only adds to its personality. Besides, in time, the Terrazzo tiles will not fade beauty, on the contrary: the pattern and colors will not suffer any damage due to the fact that the pigment layer used for the composition is very thick.

Using Terrazzo tiles

Colored cement decorative tiles are widely used for cladding and flooring (interior and exterior), as well as for bathroom and kitchen countertops etc. Its beauty and durability is perfect for a lot of spaces, thus being excellent in both public areas and for interior decoration projects. Perhaps the most popular feature of Terrazzo tiles is the pattern versatility, which can also be customized.

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Terrace wall, cladded with terrazzo mix

Multicolored, with bright shades, the standard Terrazzo tiles convey an oriental air into the space, even when they are used to create a focal point – for highlighting a wall or a special piece of furniture etc.

Installing Terrazzo tiles

Prior to installation, the tiles must be immersed in water for a few minutes. Once becoming slightly dried, tiles are ready to be installed; the required adhesive is a paste applied in a generous layer on both the tile and the area to be installed.

Once installed, tile must be pressed by hand. The process continues until the entire surface has been completely cladded with decorative plates. Be careful! It is very important that the adhesive covers 100% of each tile so that no piece will remain "hanging". Otherwise, the tile will develop cracks in time.

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Colored cement decorative tiles must be dried completely before being allowed to step on - if necessary - over the surface used for installation. The drying process takes about 48 hours.


Colored cement decorative tiles must be waterproof after installation and post-installation cleaning. The sealing agent is applied only to perfectly clean and dry tiles, in thin, uniform coat using a cloth, sponge or brush. Allow it to act for maximum 30 minutes, then remove it. The surface should be thoroughly wiped in the end with a dry cloth.

Decorative tiles are perfectly waterproofed when they no longer absorb water at all. You can test the degree of waterproofing by pouring a few drops of water on a tile.


In order to maintain the initial beauty, colored cement decorative tiles should benefit of proper aftercare. For this, we recommend using gentle cleaning solutions that do not involve acids or bleaches which might alter tile surface.

For further details on cement decorative tiles - oriental terrazzo give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Everything you need to know about oriental terrazzo
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