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Living floors

First of all, we should tackle the preconception that natural stone is a cold material and thus, not suited for floors. This is wrong, because, actually, stone is a very good heat conductor. The proof? Stones remain warm to the touch long after the sun has set. In a room paved with ceramic tiles, the floor gets cold as soon as you open a window or the entrance door. Plus, you can now opt for floor heating at reasonable prices, so natural stone is definitely a far better choice. Another advantage of natural stone is that it can be found as 61 cm tiles which can make the space appear wider and more open. The types of stone used for indoor floors are marble, travertine, granite, limestone, slate or onyx, in different shapes and finishes.

Polished Burdur Beige Marble

Radiator covers that bring more heat

What can we do about radiators, especially when we don't like how they look anymore in the living room's new design? Natural stone radiator masks are the answer. Again, due to the stone's conductivity, these masks will preserve heat and keep it in the room for a longer period of time. Moreover, the shape, colour and texture of the masks turn them into design elements that accentuate the living room's personality.

Natural stone radiator mask (limestone)

Special laser cut piece with the help of a Computer Numerical Control machinery.

These masks can be made from mosaics, decorative stones, Oriental Terazzo, polygonal stone etc. Also, these products can be used for decorative borders around windows and door.

SKIN flexible slate veneer, a more than flexible solution for revamping your living room

Because of its rich chromatic and unique flexibility, SKIN slate veneer is one of the most spectacular materials for living room projects. Recently discovered, this product preserves the qualities of slate, without any of the drawbacks: it's waterproof, easy to install, thermally and physically durable, while impervious to various types of acidic solutions. SKIN can be installed on furniture, walls, fire places, cylindrical columns etc. Another important quality of flexible slate is that some models are translucent, so light can pass through them and create a surprising effect. So, this product offers versatility to those than want to put their imagination at work and make a statement with the way they design the living room.

SKIN flexible slate veneer

Total cladding vs. partial cladding

When it comes to using natural stone in the living room, we recommend that you don't use the same type of stone for both floor and walls, because the space will most definitely end up looking like a bunker. Instead, use different types of stone in similar colours. If you want your walls to be painted, try cladding only one accent wall with stone. This will create a whole new relaxing and invigorating environment. For larger living rooms, polygonal stone is a great example of a robust material that can inspire comfort and relaxation.

Lemone panel Quartzite (click for details)

Polished Calacatta Lucina Vein Marble (click for details)

Because comfort is what its' all about; thermal and visual comfort. The living room is the space where we spend most of our time home amongst family and friends. It should represent you and your personality.

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