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Onyx and Marble – Ideas for modern interior design

publicat in: Living room // Publicata pe 22.10.2018

Onyx, marble and slate are translucent rocks. This rare feature can be used in many projects with some amazing effects. Onyx (ex: Onyx Honey) is a rare semi-precious stone, with translucent features. By itself, onyx is an extremely beautiful natural stone, however when backlit it becomes amazing. Marble (ex: Arabescato) is a natural stone famous for its beauty, enhanced by backlighting.


SKIN Flexible Slate is a thin sheet, maximum 2 mm thickness, able to highlight its beauty when backlighted. By backlighting you will highlight all the features, while the depth of its beauty, otherwise unexplored, the essence of colors will practically "ignite" the stone revealing its hard-to-suspect depths. Vertical backlit installations allow a sharp presentation of the stone for maximum impact and full acknowledgement of its beauty. The most recent lighting technology allowed transition from fluorescent, bulky tubes, thus requiring ample spaces, with extra need for consistent and difficult maintenance, to LED strips, electroluminescent diodes, small yet with large lifespan, installed in strings or panels.


For adopting the display solution in front of a LED panel, you will need to answer the following questions:



• What type of natural stone should I purchase? Onyx and marble are limestone rocks, require constant aftercare and maintenance and have staining risks. It is more appropriate to use them as decorative elements, while avoiding using them on regular basis and working with them. Slate is a sedimentary rock composed of silica, with mild sensitivity to acids and stains and more durable to external factors; it can be used for any application, including exterior.


• Is the stone translucent enough? Because not all types of marble, onyx and slate are translucent. Only those complying with the required conditions should be chosen, allowing light to intensify natural stone colors.



• Were colors properly chosen? This topic is connected with the initial selection of the stone. The highlighted colors should be consistent with the interior design of the location. Therefore, for a closed, decorative box, we will choose colors different from the wall claddings in a hotel front office.


• What about the appropriate thickness? This is a touchy topic and it involves your decoration project. You might find applications where a thicker surface is needed, yet it can influence the tranparency and may blur the backlighting effects.


• What about the back box? This is made of plastic, plywood or metal sheet and it is important to allow easy access for service procedures and cleaning. It is recommended to keep the box closed, especially when operated in exterior, so that the translucent surface can be cleaned. 



• What about cleaning procedures? Aftercare of transparent surfaces is demanding in dusty environments and areas with staining risks. Marble and onyx especially, are very sensitive to corrosive agents that stain. Also, surfaces are sensitive to mechanical factors (blows, scratches). SKIN Flexible Slate is sometimes sensitive to scratches and must be protected. Cleaning with professional cleaners and surface aftercare are essential elements for the correct functioning of projects with transparent sheets.


• What about the price? Onyx is a precious stone and more expensive; marble and slate are more affordable and backlighting (LED strips) do not involve high costs. For this reasons, translucent natural stone projects are not expensive.


PIATRAONLINE recommends using translucent stone for projects that highlight the beauty of rocks in detail. We invite you to visit our website for the complete range of translucent natural stones and you can also ask for free samples, to study the look of your favorite translucent stones.

Onyx and Marble – Ideas for modern interior design
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