LTP Floorshine - Universal natural stone detergent (neutral pH, cleans and brightens)

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Product description

So advanced that it can replace any other common detergent. Furthermore, by using one 1 liter of LTP Floorshine you can efficiently clean up to 700 sqm of flooring. Enjoy this innovative cleaning solution which will provide shine, protection and efficient maintenance to all surfaces, be it natural stone, parquet, hone, wood etc. Order the product online right now! Shipped by carrier with payment on delivery.

The benefits of LTP FLOORSHINE
Cleans and protects in one application.
Can be used on any surface: parquet, stone, hone etc.
Cleans and repairs the sealing layer  
Lights up the worn out natural stone surfaces.
Neutral pH cleaning agent.

Professional cleaning and maintenance solution, very efficient on marble, travertine, granite and natural stone floorings. The solution is so advanced that it can also be used on wood, laminated surfaces and even hone. Cleans and protects in one application. Renovates dull looking floors. Regular use will also help to reinforce protection on tiled surfaces sealed with LTP Ironwax Gloss, LTP Ironwax Satin & LTP Glaze Protector.

Directions for use:
Dilute 1 - 2 capfuls per litre of warm water. Mop the surfaces with the solution. Do not rinse. Allow surfaces to dry. Do not walk over the floor while this product is drying. After use rinse mop well with water. 

After several years, if tiled and Laminate surfaces suffer from a build up or become difficult to clean, remove the accumulation using LTP Grimex. After intensive cleaning, any previously sealed surfaces should be re-sealed.

Please remember:
Use in place of your normal detergent.
Do not mix with any other cleaning agent.
Not suitable for highly polished tiled surfaces - for correct maintenance of this type of surface use LTP Waxwash or LTP Stonewash.

1 liter = 700 sqm

Product specification

Additional Info
Use instead of your daily detergent. Do not mix with another cleaning solution. Not suited for extremely shiny surfaces - case in which you can use LTP Waxwash or LTP Stonewash.
Weight (U.M.)
1 kg
Cleaning & maintenance
Recommended sealer
Color variation
Product code
Suitable for:
Interior - wall cladding
Interior - floor covering
Product purchase details
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Packaging Unit Weight (kg)
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Packing details
6 pieces / box
Weight of the pallet / box / package (kg)
560 Kg

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