LTP Waxwash - Professional cleaner for delicate surfaces (superior quality and protection)

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Product description

TP Waxwash Benefits

Professional solution for natural stone, cleans without damaging surfaces, neutral cleaner
Restores layers of sealer
Conveys fresh and clean fragrance
A delicate professional cleaner with linseed oil and special formula for cleaning without damaging the most delicate surfaces. Suitable for all types of surfaces travertine, limestone, porcelain stoneware, slate, marble, granite, terracotta. With a clean and fresh fragrance, LTP Waxwash is designed for use on sealed and un-sealed surfaces, polished or unpolished.

LTP Waxwash is ideal for use on surfaces protected by:
-LTP Mattstone
-LTP Color Intensifier
-LTP Clear and Antique Wax

Directions for use (weekly)
Dilute 2 or 3 capfuls (5 for dirty flooring) of LTP Waxwash in a bucket of warm water. Wash the flooring and allow to dry. Does not need rinsing.

Special surfaces: For polished or waxed surfaces, clean with soft dry cloth or single disk washing machine.

Coverage: 1 L of LTP Waxwash is sufficient for washing 20 sqm flooring approximately 40 times.

Storage information: store in a cool, dry, frost-free environment

Shelf life: up to 5 years 

Ingredients: benzisothiazolinone, citral, limonene

Health hazards
Keep away from children.
Avoid extreme temperatures.
LTP Waxwash is suitable for almost any surface (especially natural stone).

Product specification

Additional Info
Concentrated professional product which can be applied on all natural stone surfaces (1L=700sqm).
Weight (U.M.)
1 kg
Cleaning & maintenance
Recommended sealer
Color variation
Product code
Suitable for:
Exterior - wall cladding
Interior - wall cladding
Interior - floor covering
Exterior medium traffic paving
Exterior intense traffic paving
Product purchase details
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Minimum order quantity
1 Piece
Packaging Unit Weight (kg)
7 Kg
Packing details
6 pieces / box
Weight of the pallet / box / package (kg)
560 Kg

Comments or reviews:

18.12.2017 14:18
Good afternoon! How to use this professional cleaner? Do you rinse after use? | 18.12.2017 14:31

Good afternoon. Use a mop, does not require rinsing and it is a concentrated formula.

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