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publicat in: Terrace & Garden // Publicata pe 09.03.2015

If you have a passion for cooking, you should know that food taste better when prepared outdoor on wood fire. Whether we are talking about a meal with family and friends and garden party atmosphere, either for the absolutely delicious taste of bread cooked in the oven, preparing food outdoor can be one of the most rewarding activities during hot season, when you have passion for it.


Florin started to decorate the outdoor kitchen in his grandparents’ house thinking about childhood, the family oven and the touching holiday moments spent in Teleajen Valley. He gathered all the needed materials for building a durable barbecue with oven:  "For years I struggled with the portable grill. I kept moving it around the backyard, to keep it away from the wind, arguing with my parents and being stressed about the prospect of blowing sparks into the neighbouring houses or the hay-filled attics. What annoyed me the most was the part when I had to keep moving the grill around. I had a hard time until I managed to finish the food preparation (with interrumptions), while others were already fed up with food and I bearly enjoyed the smoke. I had long dreamed of a barbecue grill with walls and also oven if possible" says Florin.


Outdoor kitchen oven. Photo source: www.casesicalatorii.ro (Photo Irina Reisler)


The sink area; Photo source: www.casesicalatorii.ro (Photo Irina Reisler)


Kitchen set. Photo source: www.casesicalatorii.ro (Photo Irina Reisler)


The oven was cladded with classic travertine from PIATRAONLINE and the countertop is classic travertine with polished finish: "I admit that it was better to start from a detailed initial plan and hold on to it, but the ideas came one at a time, so the mason who built it had a hard time with me. We started with the barbecue, continued with the "terracota pot sink" area and continued with a worktop. I claded everything with travertine, adding a polished travertine countertop, for making the pizza dough”, adds Florin.

Outdoor kitchen decorated with travertine
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