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Rock Star Grey Granite Polished half-slabs 2 cm - 240 x 70 x 2 cm

Product code : PSP-7303

Rock Star Grey Polished Granite Half-slabs have a big advantage: they can be cut-to-size, apart from the projects already using them with standard dimensions. They are a perfect fit for stairs and risers, the resting area between stairs, floorings, bathroom/kitchen countertops, window sills, fireplace claddings etc. Besides bathroom and kitchen, Rock Star Grey Granite Polished half-slabs are ideal for living rooms, office spaces, restaurants, coffee shops for both cladding and flooring. Having a dedicated installation department, PIATRAONLINE is ready to help you with measurements and patterns for the special cut-to-size pieces.

Technical specifications
Material Granite
Lenght (m) 0 m
Weight (U.M.) 54 kg
Cleaning & maintenance
Recommended sealer LTP MPG / LTP Mattstone H20
Sealer for color enhancement LTP Colour Intensifier
Sealer for wet spaces LTP Mattstone H20
Product for cleaning before or after installation LTP Grimex
Product for intensive cleaning or stains LTP Power Stripper
Product for cleaning (light stains) LTP Power Stripper
Product for cleaning and aftercare (daily) LTP Waxwash
Recommended for: Stairs / Countertops / Window Sills
Surface finish: Polished
Color Grey
Dimensions 240 x 70 cm
Surface per pice (sqm) 1.68 sqm
Color variation Medium
Thickness 2 cm
Recommended adhesive Weber Set Portelanat Max² / Weber Set Marmo Plus
Adhesive consumption 1 sack = 3.5 sqm
Suggested grout Chit Rosturi Weber Color Perfect
Product purchase details
Minimum order quantity 6.72 sqm
Delivery Order now and we will dispatch it by truck in Europe or by container internationally. Regardless of quantity, our shipping cost will be low. To find out our shipping price, just give us a call.
Weight (SQM) 54 kg
Packaging Unit Weight (kg) 720 Kg
Weight of the pallet / box / package (kg) 810 Kg
Packing details aprox. 15 sqm / rastel
Comments or reviews:
Viktoria Kassmeyer, rock star grey granite
12/12/2017 15:20:00

How do you cut natural stone?

PIATRAONLINE.com | 12.12.2017 15:49

For cutting the natural stone, use the angle grinder fitted with diamond or carbide (designed for natural stone) or the static stone cutting machine with water.

Thrussell Mabelle, Rock Star Grey Granite Polished half-slabs
11/09/2017 12:43:00

Is it possible to install granite window sills directly over extruded polystyrene (our house thermosystem)? Will granite adhesive going to fix the polystyrene?

PIATRAONLINE.com | 13.09.2017 14:11

Yes. We recommend you to use Weber GR 100 Universal wall & floor deep primer, otherwise the adhesive will stick to the polystyrene. You can install the windows sills directly over polystyrene with no problems. For more details on polystyrene, please give us a call at +40318.222.333 and one of our sales agents will be at your disposal.

Babs Queshire , Rock Star Grey Granite Polished half-slabs
29/08/2017 14:19:00

What are the half slabs?

PIATRAONLINE.com | 29.08.2017 14:31

Half slabs are slabs cut in half; slabs have large dimensions (example: 280 x 170 cm), half slabs have reduced size (280 x 70 cm). Half slabs are created for countertops, stairs etc. and are cut on-site, while slabs can be cut by us in our production facility.

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