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publicat in: Terrace & Garden // Publicata pe 08.05.2015

A large and beautiful garden could be a getaway during warm afternoons and a pleasant area to gather your friends for a barbecue on weekends. For this, you should consider garden landscaping as if it was an interior decoration project, because nice design and premium quality materials will make a tranquility oasis in your courtyard and garden. Green areas with lawns, flowers or ornamental trees can be separated with stone walkways for a lovely look, but are also helpful for strolling through your garden flowers. A walkway creates the perfect outline for flower decorations.


Why choose the natural stone for walkways?

Natural stone slabs are often used for landscaping walkways because of appearance and remarkable durability. Natural stone is recommend because, by being extremely durable against wear and freeze-thaw cycles, it will save us the cost for repairs and additional expenses. Natural stone is durable against ultraviolet action and environmental factors and besides, it develops a more pleasant look over time. Besides being very useful, you can create walkways with subtle textures and colors, turning your garden into a special space.


Here are some ideas of walkways landscaped with natural stone:


Winding Walkway



Photo source: gabyral.blogspot.com


A winding walkway with flowers on the edges, gives you access to the entire garden and will fit fine into any courtyard, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the space. This walkway gives a playful look to your garden and fit into large gardens with trees and lavish vegetation. A walk in the garden, through the winding walkway followed by a relaxing moment on a natural stone bench located in a more secluded area, complements the painting of a garden turned into a personal relaxation space.


For the exterior, either terrace flooring or garden walkway, we recommend thicker natural stone tiles – for withstanding the temperature variations


Driveway in large pavers



A simple, beautiful and effective design, a driveway paved with flagstone slabs arranged quite close to each other is a solution to access every plant in the backyard, without stepping on the lawn. Slabs can have different shapes and complement each other as a puzzle. These slabs convey a natural air into your garden and can be surrounded by lawns, pebbles or decorative sand. This type of driveway, with large pavers, fits perfect into a backyard landscaped Japanese-style, with small shrubs.


Walkway – Pebbles Mosaic


Photo source: www.boredpanda.com


Pebble mosaic is pretty easy to install and will have a very interesting effect in your walkway.


Stairs walkway


Photo source: www.ludetz.com


A solution for a sloping garden / bumps in your backyard, is a walkway paving with large stone slabs (with similar size) for inducing a sensation of stairs and disguising the ugly appearance. And besides, a walkway with stairs adds a touch of class to your garden. These natural stone stairs are a perfect fit for a Mediterranean setting.


For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Stone Walkway Landscaping for a Wonderful Garden
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