How to choose a stunning and affordable gabion garden wall

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How to choose a stunning and affordable gabion garden wall

Gabion walls are the newest trend in the landscaping of the Romanian backyards and gardens. Already well-known in other parts of the world, they became popular in Romania as well for their unique appearance and their aesthetic and practically endless attributes. Also called "gabions", these structures were used for the first time in military architecture to reinforce river banks or dams. Initially, the gabions were actually baskets filled with earth and gravel, then evolved into frames filled with stones and earth, until these days when are made metallic structure filled with pebbles. So, a purely practical innovation has become an avant-garde symbol in ambient design.

Gabion walls are very easy to build, the somewhat more difficult part being the assembly of the wire mesh. The welded wire mesh can have any shape and can be assembled by experts or even where the gabion is to be mounted by more skilled, passionate do-it-yourself people.

Although in Romania the gabions are used mainly as fences, they can have the most diverse functions in landscaping: benches, tables, planters, playgrounds, garbage cans, garden furniture, supporting pillars for a pergola or a gazebo. Yes, done properly, the gabions can also be used as supporting pillars for a lightweight roof. Some supporting pillars with a pleasant and original look.

These decorative elements are perfectly integrated into a natural setting, full of vegetation, with alleys designed with gravel or Japanese steps. At the same time, the gabions, due to metallic elements, also fit for industrial-style decors, with highlight on the stone-metal combination.

Moreover, the versatility of the gabions is huge, and the use of these design objects can work smoothly in the interior. Basically, as we have pointed out on this blog, few are the decoration projects with natural stones for the exterior that are not also suitable for the interior. Thus, from gabions we can build tables in offices or receptions, we can clad (with decoration purpose) the walls, supporting pillars in a lobby, club or restaurant...

The natural stone that most often fill the metal structures are pebbles with rounded edges (tumbled), with maximum 10 cm diameter, creating the feeling of a "compact" yet dynamic, "agglomeration". Also larger stones are used, but especially for the larger, light colored spaces. From a chromatic point of view, we have no problem finding the most suitable stones for our design idea. There are different colors pebbles: gray, black, green, white, yellow, pigmented, monochrome, veined etc.

So, from gabions you can do many spectacular things that can be used in exterior decoration projects, backyards and gardens (but also for the interior decoration projects!). Also very important: these are many spectacular things that are extremely easy to accomplish.

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