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publicat in: Terrace & Garden // Publicata pe 24.03.2017
There is a wide variety of natural stone than can be used for paving yards and garden. Here are some examples:

1. Polygonal natural stone: This stone is a showstopper. It immediately catches the eye of passers-by because if its surprising pattern. It brings a sense of comfort and good taste to any space. It's also known as "Mediterranean stone" because it is used in the area for paving walkways. The pieces of stone are bright, colorful and make you feel you're in a permanent vacation. This stone used to be paved on Roman streets in Antiquity and after 2000 years it is still going strong.

What is remarkable about polygonal natural stone is the fact that it does not have a standard shape. It is obtained through braking large pieces of stone, so no two design projects are alike when if use this type of material. Each yard has its separate identity. The most popular size of the slabs is 5 cm thick and 20 to 30 cm in diagonal. It can also be used to clad house foundations, because this area is often exposed to direct sunlight, rain or snow and requires protection.

2. Square stone: This type of stone is the most popular paving material for walkways. It's a classic material used for paving streets in Europe. Some famous ones are still preserved to this day. It successfully combines the aesthetic of natural stone with the functional qualities of paving materials. Square stone stands out because of its durability and low-maintenance quality. Its also very versatile: it comes in different styles, colors and shapes. Square stone is made from processed river stone and it contains granite, marble, slate, andesite or limestone.

Here are some examples of what you can use for the pavement of yards and walkways. If you're looking for an unconventional type you can choose brick-red Sandstone. Limestone, for instance, reflects light and makes everything look bright just like the houses on the Mediterranean coast. Slate is a simple but effective type of stone that resembles the paved roads of Antiquity and can give your yard a sense of mystery. It's durable, yet very versatile depending on the style of the project.

After installing square stone it is recommended that you finish the project with a stone border to make it look truly impeccable. The border acts as a protective element as well, preventing mud from accumulating, fixing the stones and hindering plants from growing where you don't want them to grow.

In conclusion, square and polygonal stone are the best solutions for paving walkways because they are very durable due to their geological formation processes can withstand temperature fluctuations, are versatile and come in different colors. The fact that roads paved in Antiquity are still functional today is the best guarantee.  

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