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A fence that encloses the yard or garden is not just a functional element. You can choose grey tones with Kavala types of stone, a split face marble slab to reinforce an elegant look, a type of stone like Multicolored travertine for a more relaxed finish or Rhodos stone for a rustic, Mediterranean style. Among the top products that are fast to install and thus suited for fences are Lemone stone panel and Multicolored slate panel.    
It's recommended that you use the same type of stone for the exterior walls and for the fences that encloses the garden to create a coherent aesthetic concept throughout your property. Here are some examples of natural stone fences from our own clients:

Marble looks incredible anywhere it is installed, while the split face finish adds a touch of raw beauty and highlights the dynamic of the creamy textures. Marble is stain and water-resistant with a low porous character. It is a material suited for both outdoor and indoor spaces. When used outdoor, marble can clad walls, columns, exterior fireplaces or fences, like in the above images.


Antiqued Kavala strips
Fence cladded with Antiqued Kavala strips - PIATRAONLINE client

Slate is, by definition, a highly water-resistant stone. It can be used inside to bring a touch of nature in a conference room, in this case, or outside. Slate withstands temperature fluctuations so it is perfect for outdoor projects as well.

Read the article about natural stone for facades and exterior walls.

Green Laguna stone
Fence cladded with green natural stone - PIATRAONLINE client

The green tones of this type of stone recommended for fence cladding generate a surprising effect and bring out a special texture. A perfect insulator, this type of slab keeps the air cool during summer and preserves heat during the cold season. You can complete the look by using the same stone for the pavement.


Rhodos natural stone
Fence cladded with Rhodos decorative stone - PIATRAONLINE client
One of our most popular products, ideal for cladding fences and exterior walls is a warm-looking stone in beige and golden shades.

Multicolored travertine
The versatile travertine is also a perfect choice for exterior cladding (fences, walls). Its warms shades, rustic texture and laid-back look make it a popular stone for the garden as well.

Read about the types of stone recommended for the house's foundation.

Other popular materials include panel type stones (especially Lemone and Multicolored slate). They are easier to install, but as durable and water-resistant as other stones.

It's important to know that every type of stone needs to be sealed, especially if the slabs are installed outdoor. Sealing pores is a process that lets them breathe but protects them from harsh conditions that can lead to the deterioration of the stone.

For any other information, call +40318.222.333, email us at export@piatraonline.com or, better yet, visit our showroom in 137A Teisani Street, District 1, Bucharest, Romania.
What type of stone to choose for your fence
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