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publicat in: Different natural stones // Publicata pe 21.09.2018

When you say natural stone you think of something raw, heavy and not malleable. You would never imagined natural stone as a flexible, lightweight material capable of generating inspiration in many industries and projects. Beyond these features, natural stone is a creation of nature, a bit from this infinite universe that carries information within. In time, this information turned into stories for you to discover among veins and color splashes. With such a transformation, stone is released from any inhibition and limitation, thus becoming a flexible partner for your projects. And this happens literally, yet preserving its natural and authentic beauty.


As soon as evolution is completed, there is only one step left: finding a place for your project. Up to this moment and considering its origin, slate is the type of stone arranged in layers – therefore it is possible to tear those apart easier, approximately 2 cm thickness. The innovation introduced by such a revolutionary material is best described in here, but its story is constantly shaped inspiring more and more creative people, manufacturers or designers. SKIN flexible slate has already entered the fashion industry (with a collection by Sisa Holla) but also in the domain of interior and object design, where it never ceases to amaze us by its versatility.


If we will show you that you can clad chairs with this, the interior of a vehicle and even applied it on sports footwear, would you believe if we were to tell you that it can be transformed into rugs inspired by 3D models for your project?


Dominik Raskin went beyond its initial domain, architecture and explored others creative areas, such as product design, music, painting to finally discover his absolute expression. In 2009, he left Belgium for the exotic Asia for teaching classes of interior design. After his Mumbai period, he gained a broader insight – the essential feature of creation. He specifically handled 3D modelling and printing, an activity which shaped a real image for objects. Inspired by 3D modelling, Dominik Raskin created flexible natural stone rug that can transform in endless forms when played with. For this, he used a flexible slate with a fiberglass backing, laser cut in small triangles and later on plasted into a cotton textile. The result is an impressive effect of geometric shapes obtained from the stone. The amazing texture of the stone complements the beauty of the rug.


"Flexible slate is the unlimited evidence of the impossible that becomes possible."


The stone flexibility transmits originality and endless shapes to this rug and you can also play with it in your space. Stone’s natural beauty cannot be replicated, being also a statement regarding natural stone’s potential when it is suitably assumed and used. Even for the projects you consider impossible. SKIN flexible slate proves that a heavy stone is a myth and that everything we know about the true nature of the stone is, in fact, nothing. As a creation of nature and witness of ancient times, the stone experienced many periods and changes and every time it has managed to find its space in time. This innovative material proves that the impossible is possible and a house decoration project can be simple if we manage to comprehend the natural stone.


If the stone rug seems a little too much, you can choose a flexible slate mosaic – designed on the same course and geometric lines that emphasize much better the texture and colors of the material. You can use it for interior wall cladding, since the game of stone pieces allows its application on curved/atypical surfaces. SKIN flexible slate is #generatinginspiration material that helps you reach the most unknown forms you can ever transpose natural stone. A release from its primal identity towards the future and amazing projects.


If you’re still having trouble believing in the flexibility of natural stone, you can order your sample here, for realizing that SKIN is the innovation your home needs.

The free stone: Dominik Raskin and his SKIN Flexible Stone Rug
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