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Coloured tiles with geometric patterns have a long history: since ancient times, ceramic tiles were hand drawn with many patterns, for decoration purposes. A decorative tile for decorating the exterior or interior of a residence is common in several countries: Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Morocco, Iran or Mexico and in Portugal the "Azulejos" art has developed into a particular artistic expression. The early influences have origins in Egypt or Persia, and later the Arab world.

The Azulejos technique has been improved and transformed by every culture that adopted it. If the tiles were initially used mainly for the interior in churches, with specific blue shades and models fastened by burning and different oils, later, inspired by the Italian method, tiles were covered with white ceramic tiles, for allowing paint to be applied directly and thus increasing durability.

This decorative theme reproduces recurrent floral patterns: flowers bouquets, cups or other figurative elements, geometrical grids and patterns, but also unmatched tiles, with each piece as an independent composition, panels depicting people or distinct paintings from that time period.

Over time, the procedure of colorful decorative tiles has been improved: Terrazzo or "mosaic tiles" maintain the dynamic personality and geometric patterns inspired by Oriental culture. As for the manufacturing process, it involves pouring the color into layers and hydraulic pressing. There are three layers in each tile: white cement, marble dust and finally the pigments layer. Due to this in-depth color, it will not be influced by time, nor erased by it.

Here are some ideas of decoration projects with decorative colored tiles and geometric patterns:

This kitchen wall, part of a project designed by Suzan Feldman Studio for a Malibu residence and a perfect match for the wood’s beautiful nude shade, is cladded with black and white terrazzo, resulting in a distinct and stylish combination.

Southwestern Kitchen by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Suzan Fellman LLC

Another decorative kitchen wall, designed by Hello Kitchen, an interior design studio in Austin, Texas, creates a dynamic atmosphere with floral-geometric tile (a reinterpreted dandelion) as a single color accent in the kitchen.

Farmhouse Spaces by Austin Architects & Building Designers Hello Kitchen

One more decoration project using terrazzo is the space created by the interior design studio Amity Worrel & Co from New York, for a house that brings oriental inspiration into contemporary design. Turquoise, as the main color in this decoration project is supported by white and the warm shade of the wood flooring. Also in here we have Calacatta marble kitchen countertops with interesting veins.

Decorative tiles with geometric pattern can also be used in bathrooms, as accent walls, for separating a specific area, or even for flooring. Architects or interior designers will recommend the colorful decorative tiles for simple, wide settings, able to match the active presence of Terazzo. The next project highlights the wide areas and was designed by Cassidy Hughes Studio for a one-room apartment in East London. The colorful flooring bathroom and a decorative accent on the wall, however, retains simplicity as a principle: the contour lights provide depth, while the minimalist bathroomware streamline the space.

Mediterranean Bathroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling

To see our entire range of oriental terrazzo tiles click here.

Another example of bathroom decoration with oriental terrazzo tiles is element in a project designed by Whiting Architects from Australia for a private residence. With a contemporary touch, the bathroom area features black and white oriental terrazzo flooring, a perfect match for the white wooden walls.

Contemporary Bathroom by Melbourne Architects & Building Designers Whiting Architects

Besides kitchen and bathroom, terrazzo tiles can also be used as floor inserts (details below). In here, with a setting highlighting natural textures (unfinished wooden pillars, wooden flooring), Bettina Minel architects added a contrasting and sophisticated yet subtle floor area, decorative plates with distinctive pattern.

Contemporary Entry by Other Metro Architects & Building Designers Bertina Minel architecture

For a bohemian detail in your house, you can use terrazzo tiles for cladding a wooden table / closet. You have to make sure that sizes wil fit the furniture piece and comply with all installation recommendations, using the correct procedures and adhesives.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!




Tips for decoration projects with oriental terrazzo
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