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Marble is a metamorphic rock extracted from specific quarries around the world, with the oldest and most important in India, China, Italy and Spain. Marble displays medium hardness (3-4 on the Mohs scale), displays an innate warmth and has elegant, specific colors and veins. Marble is versatile, suitable for claddings, flooring or countertops and behaves fine in wet spaces. For exterior decoration projects, marble is recommended for home bases, facades, fences and pavings. Marble can be also used for bathrooms sinks and countertops. Marble floorings are subtle, durable against medium traffic, not influenced by UV radiation and behaves fine in high temperatures (compatible with underfloor heating systems).


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Marble is your eco-friendly solution for bathroom and kitchen claddings. It can be polished easily and has a crystalline structure based on calcite. As a result, marble is sensitive to medium concentration acids for residential and public (restaurants, bars, clubs and cafeterias) use. Acidic rains can damage your exterior marble claddings, therefore you should aftercare those on regular basis, with appropriate solutions. All marble claddings surfaces have to be sealed and cleaned with detergents, regardless of their finish and location. Marble tiles are installed with standard technology.


Onyx, often mistaken for marble, belongs to a different class (sedimentary rocks) with different crystalline structure. Included in the category of semiprecious stones, with rather superior hardness (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale), onyx is extracted from South America, Near East and Far East, USA, India, China, Australia. Famous for its deep "eyes", with an intense color range (from black to red sard) and subtle veins, onyx is also vulnerable to aggressive, chemical and physical attacks, but less than marble. Onyx is not as popular as marble in terms of claddings, although onyx projects are spectacular (onyx bathroom cladding).



More popular as mosaics with polished finish (onyx polished mosaic) or tumbled (tumbled onyx mosaic), in bathrooms but also for interior cladding, onyx has a strong touch, with realistic subtlety and deep colors. Onyx surfaces have to be treated for maintaining their initial look, but also due to acid sensitivity. Moreover, those surfaces require maintenance for preserving color freshness. Just like marble tiles, onyx tiles are also installed with standard technology.


The fact that both are translucent is the common feature of marble and onyx, that magic of light scattered on both stones, under the sun rays projected over the claddings. If light-colour translucent marble conveys a honed, subtle and balanced sun, onyx gives light an elaborate and distinguished air (translucent onyx). Marble and onyx mosaics are not translucent. Depending on the preference, surfaces can also be illuminated with interesting results. If you want to highlight the translucent feature of both marble and onyx, you need to use white grout for installation. Both effects measure their efficiency by the level of emotion generated for customers.


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Tips for using marble and onyx tiles
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