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Travertine is a natural stone, part of limestone family and synthesized from calcium carbonate. It resembles limestone and its development process takes millions of years similar to limestone and marble. Besides, the random mixture of minerals creates a variation in patterns and colors, visible in the final product.

Available colors for travertine

Travertine is available in a wide range of colors including ivory, beige, brown, gray and yellow. The color of travertine is the result of iron compounds and other organic impurities.

What about the travertine surface finish?

The travertine has 4 large types of finishes: polished (glossy surface), honed (honed surface), brushed and tumbled (textured surface). The type of finish determines the surface brightness. The polished and honed surfaces are uniform and smooth, while the brushed surfaces and tumbled surfaces are uniform and textured. The polished surface is the brightest and the tumbled surface is the one with the least light reflection. Honed travertine is the most popular finish.

Where to use travertine?


Travertine has been used for thousands of years in buildings. These days is used for cladding facades (interior and exterior), cladding the interior walls and floors or paving the backyards or alleys of gardens / parks.

What to expect when using travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone product. The minerals from its composition will react with acidic solutions (e.g. orange juice, vinegar) and this is an essential factor to consider in connection with location the exposure to weather conditions. Waterproofing solutions will provide a protection for the stone surface regardless of the environment however, the installation location will help you assses the applicability for your project.

How do I receive travertine samples?

By filling out the form in the "Contact" section from our website, you will request a free sample delivery (delivery cost is not free), to be delivered right to your doorstep.

How to get a price quote?

Prices are displayed for each product, however feel free to get in touch with us by phone (numbers displayed in the "Contact" section) and one of our sales associates will assist you for choosing the materials you need. In addition, if you send a blueprint for your project(s), one of our sales associates will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum quantities refer only to units of measurement such as: 1 sqm, 1 package, 1 pallet or 1 tone.

What percentage of damage goods is to be expected from an order?

It's not unusual to have 2-3% from your merchandise broken or chipped. Any amount up to 10% is considered normal. Some natural stones may end up chipped due to improper packaging during transportation. This is absolutely normal and is accepted as the standard in the natural stone industry. You can safely use these damaged tiles for other projects. Should the percentage of destruction, chipping or breakage goods exceeds 10% for an order, we recommend a thorough examination, followed by an email with all the irregularities and attached pictures as evidence.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Photo sources: dheony.com, minimalisti.com

What is travertine?
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