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Natural stone is a versatile material: a fine attention to details and correct use of the interior design principles will integrate the items or areas cladded with natural stone in practically any design style. Here are some ways for using natural stone into your decoration projects.

Slate wall cladding

Do you want an elaborated living room that stands out from the crowd? To obtain such an effect, slate wall cladding is ideal, for its originality. It will create a relaxing atmosphere, highlighted by furniture and decoration elements. For the wall, you can use different types of slate, based on personal preferences and matching the design style of the living room.

Such a wall is suitable for a couple of basic, simple solid wood shelves, perhaps with light colors, even white, to highlight the beauty of slate. This is a unique material, powerful and full of character, a perfect match for a stylish living room; keep in mind to add a few decorative pillows, a white couch or a light shade rug. As a result your house will always have a fresh air, similar with Anthracite Black Riven Slate, from the example below.

Modern Family Room by Minneapolis Cabinets & Cabinetry Ingrained Wood Studios

The multicolored slate (smaller tiles, tumbled finish or Sunset Riven) will cheer up any home and you can choose it at any time for wall cladding. It is recommended to clad only a portion of the wall with multicolored slate or to limit the cladding to a single wall in the room for maintaining proportions and avoiding a crowded room or one that denies the feel good atmosphere. A multicolored slate wall is also suitable for the child's room, since it will convey a playful air and create a joyful and friendly atmosphere.

Also read "DIY ideas for SKIN flexible slate veneer cladding"

Wood and travertine for the bathroom

Monotony is often inevitable in a house decoration project, because most of the time, decoration means ceramic tiles. For avoiding monotony, you can choose a both interesting and durable combination: decorations with wood and natural stone. An ideal combination is travertine associated with dark wood. The result will be a sophisticated bathroom with a particular, special elegance.

Mediterranean Bathroom

Instead of travertine, you can also choose marble with a light cream shade, such as Cappuccino marble. There are also shades just as friendly, yet more playful in color, such as lilac. It's a good color for the bathroom. It can be used both for flooring and cladding in the bathroom. Bathroom sink countertop can be made of solid wood or natural stone.

"Basically, we excluded ceramic tiles from the start. We were visiting a friend when we first saw travertine and we actually fell in love with that stone. So, we promised ourselves that we were going to decorate our house with natural stone," says Diana, PIATRAONLINE customer. Read the whole story here: A bright living room home-made with travertine.

Original ideas for the kitchen

Another challenge in interior design is the kitchen decoration, one of the most used area in a house. Stainless steel, often used in kitchens for sink faucets, fits perfectly with a natural stone mosaic. Colors are durable and besides they are not simply applied into the surface, as it is the case with ceramic tiles, which means they will not modify and will retain their appearance for a long time. Also, a metal chandelier, placed in the center of the ceiling, fits nicely into such a decoration project.

A metal or solid wood sink mask will perfectly complement the landscape. Last but not least, the kitchen worktop should be made of natural stone, not only because it is durable but also because it has a proper texture for any type of contemporary kitchen.

Travertine cladded kitchen wall

See also the article “Discover Oriental Terrazzo for your decoration projects”, with examples of kitchen walls cladding.

Travertine tiles are perfect in case you want durable walls, with the added benefit of adapting to any design style you decide to use for your kitchen - classic, modern, minimalist or something simpler. Keep in mind that lighting has an essential part in the final appearance of any kitchen, so consider this thoroughly.

If you do not have large windows that allow your kitchen to be flooded with natural light, you can use spotlights, chandeliers and lamps. When planning to decorate your home it is recommended to ask for expert guidance, for helping you choose the suitable decoration items.

Finishes made of natural stone, for a vintage look

Vintage decorations are always in trend and highly recommended by landscape architects, due to their popularity. In terms of material to choose for decoration projects and perfect for any room, you can choose from marble, travertine, slate and even granite, for example, to clad your hallway flooring, one the high traffic areas in a house. For adding fantasy into this decoration project you can use natural stone tiles with tumbled finish, such as travertine, for example, perfect for your decoration project.

Detail with shower enclosure decorated with tumbled travertine

Vintage furniture could have a color in contrast with the shades selected for interior decoration. A wall cladded with travertine can always be an idea for a vintage living room. An old table, along with a vintage carpet, will perfectly complement the room design. Also, an oversized chandelier can be an option to consider. To all of this you can add an old photograph, a black and white painting, a charcoal iron, a knit blanket from your grandmother - the perfect accessories for this setting.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

4 Daring interior designs with natural stone
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