DIY ideas for SKIN flexible slate veneer cladding

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DIY ideas for SKIN flexible slate veneer cladding

SKIN Flexible slate veneer is the perfect material for a DIY fan. The sheet of this material preserves the textured natural look of stone, helped by advanced technology that adds some fresh features: it is extremely light, thin and flexible. On top of that, it is easy to install on almost any surface (wall, furniture etc.). Here are some ideas of DIY projects for making your house a beautiful place.

1. Cabinet cladding
A dull cabinet is easily transformed into a superb furniture piece with SKIN Flexible slate. First, measure the areas and cut exactly the size you need. Then, use the right adhesive, applied fast and easy over the furniture piece.

Cabinet cladded with SKIN Flexible slate. Photo source:

The below example features a kitchen cabinet cladded with this special slate, besides other areas cladded with light color SKIN Flexible slate.

The same method is used for wall cladding in living room. For this project, SKIN Flexible Slate Black line creates a beautiful effect when applied on small cabinets, in contrast with white walls and light color flooring.

2. Chair and table

You can convey a fresh air into kitchen by applying a layer of SKIN Flexible slate. A simple wood table simple design can become a point of attraction with the right color of SKIN Flexible slate. Chairs can also be cladded with this material and in spite of their round shapes, sheet slate adapts perfectly to the surface.

3. Kitchen wall

Natural stone is a perfect match for wood, which “tames” its wild look. SKIN Flexible slate veins convey a strong personality, adding a touch of class to your decoration project.

4. Main door
This is a unique project, capable of transforming an ordinary door into a point of attraction for that particular space. 

What colors are available for SKIN Flexible slate? has a complete range of colors (20) for SKIN Flexible slate: discrete shades of Auburn, contrasts of Indian Autumn or Rustic Autumn or more intense shades, such as Californian Gold, California Golden or Jeera Green. Follow this link to see available colors of SKIN Flexible slate veneer.

What type of treatment should be applied for SKIN Flexible slate veneer?
Natural stone needs waterproofing (pores sealing) and we recommended it also for SKIN Flexible slate veneer. Because slate is a durable stone, it will not absorb liquids, but can be stained with household substances (cleaning agents, grease, wine etc.) if not sealed properly. We recommend LTP Mattstone, professional sealer for SKIN Flexible slate.

For further details on choosing the SKIN Flexible slate best suited to your project, call us at + 40318 222 333 or visit the showroom to see the concept spaces!

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