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publicat in: The stone house // Publicata pe 03.02.2016

Interior designers and architects have already identified main decoration trends for 2016. If you want to decorate your house, these are the newest tendencies:

Nature, from interior
Decoration plants in the interior, terraces filled with plants and even textures with floral motifs, these belong to the newest trend: the indoor – outdoor connection, announced at 2016 Dwell on Design conference. This trend includes using organic textures – wood and natural stone – two materials easy to integrate into almost any decoration project.

Decorative objects made by local artists or vintage pieces
For promoting local creative industries and also for more personal, special decoration projects, designers recommend decorative objects created by local artists and craftsmen. Vintage pieces are still in fashion, especially in new contexts. These are exactly the type of objects that add style into a living space and promise truly unique home decoration.

Focus on geometry
Tiles with geometric designs and atypical shapes for flooring are extremely interesting for shaping a trendy designs.

If you like the idea of a statement wall, made from tiles with geometric pattern, refer to terrazzo tiles, obtained from pouring color intro three layers (white cement, fine marble dust and pigments) and then hydraulically pressing them. In case you want a new living space or consider a redecoration project, keep in mind that French patterns with unique shapes are most popular (also known as Versailles tiles), but there is also natural stone tile with hexagonal shape, more and more popular in Romania.

Decorative objects with geometrical shapes are gaining popularity thanks to 3D printing technology, which allowed designers more freedom: for playing with fresh shapes, for testing unique geometries or for including optical illusions or tumbled mirrors (with honed surface) into decoration projects.

Striking colors
According to experts from designlike, striking colors and contrasting textures are in trend for 2016. Strong color combinations and interesting mixtures can create a warm and personal space with daring shades kept under control for allowing smooth and consistent passes from one room to another. This also works for wallpaper, which is a good method for highlighting a specific area.

Marble, the new favorite material in 2016
Marble is once more a point of attraction. Besides its classic application in flooring, countertops or statement walls, Noan Kazan Design Studio team designers have identified decorative objects from marble (coffee tables, lamp support, flower vases and designer chairs) as jewels of 2016 decoration project. Callacata marble with its violet veins or another violet shade is perfect for conveying opulence, yet if you want unique shaped objects for your decoration project, refer to cut-to-size category, such as Kavala, Sunny Dream, Arivieri or Volakas marble.

Read also the article on cut-to-size pieces for an amazing decoration project!

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your decoration project, give us a call at + 40318 222.333 or better visit the showroom to see the concept spaces.

2016 Home Decoration Trends
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