Natural Stone Stairs and Risers

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Natural Stone Stairs and Risers

When it comes to choosing house finishes, pay attention to material used for stairs and risers. Natural stone is best suited for this project, because is more durable than any other material. We recommend using it also for adjacent stairs areas (lobby or living room).

Here are a couple of suggestions that will add a personal touch to your stairs/ risers.

Use marble for a stylish residence

Traditional Staircase by Other Metro Architects & Building Designers Allan Malouf Studio

Marble is very popular choice and is perfect for cladding the stairs in your residence. You can use it for stairs and risers, or only for cladding stairs, leaving risers to be finished with plaster. A very interesting solution is to clad stairs with a special marble (for example, white marble) and choose a darker color marble for risers.

A touch of class with travertine stairs

Highly popular, travertine is sustainable and durable natural stone, conveying warm mood into any living space, thanks to a color variation that reminds of sand on a sunny beach. Travertine is not available in the same amazing color range as marble, but is in demand due to its discrete, earth-like tones, that underline a natural look in any decoration project. Travertine is perfect for cladding stairs and risers, or you can use as combination of wood cladded stairs and travertine cladded risers. Natural stone is a perfect match for wood in home decoration, with a mix of textures that adds charm into your living space.

Granite – high durability
Granite is famous for high durability but has also a frequently ignored special look, particular due to that durability.

Because granite is a durable material, stairs cladded with it have an increased lifetime. Besides the fact that it does not wear over time, the look remains constant. So, you need a reliable material like granite, because stairs are frequently used and granite is durable in high-traffic areas.

Aftercare for Natural Stone Stairs
Natural stone requires special aftercare, but do not worry, because this only means using professional stone cleaning and sealing solutions.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project, call us at + 40318 222 333 or visit our showroom to see the concept spaces!

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