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Feng Shui Water Fountains: Good Luck Charms for Your House

publicat in: The stone house // Publicata pe 04.08.2017

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, originated in the Third Century BC and based on a set of principles for harmonizing and orienting things in a living space while using different colors based on mood, for bringing equilibrium and good luck into our existence.

Feng Shui literally translates by “wind – water” and if wind energy is influenced by colors room layout, keep in mind that water represents fortune and prosperity. So, besides tips connected to interior plants or specific room decoration, you have other elements of this art: Feng Shui water fountains. A Feng Shui water fountain is responsible for pushing away negative energies from one location and bringing back the success into certain areas, and last but not least is a perfect humidity source for every living space. Read also the article “Natural Stone Significance in Feng Shui philosophy”.

What is the recommended orientation for an interior Feng Shui water fountain?
Besides decorative purpose, Feng Shui water fountain brings good luck and fortune into your space, as long as you use it properly.

1. For family prosperity and health issue, install the water fountain in the east area of your room.
2. Water fountains aimed at fortune require a south east orientation, also beneficial for your eldest child.
3. North orientation promotes career and professional development, so for achieving these targets North is essential.
4. Also, keep in mind the cardinal points associated with different traits of your personality: for example, South links to fame and reputation, area in which water is no longer favourable. So, more respect means fire symbol object facing south, but water is excluded. A water fountain facing south creates conflicting energies.   

Sidu Water Fountain for the Interior

5. Water source must always be on main door’s left side, looking from inside to the outside. It is said that neglecting this rule and placing water on main door’s right side leads to divorce.
6. For the two story buildings, having a coffee table with a water fountain or aquarium under stairs leads to eliminating any positive energy from that house, severely diminished career path or poor financial development for your children.
7. Feng Shui water fountains are both for interior and for exterior. For the first category recommended rooms are kitchen, living room or lobby. Avoid water sources in your bedroom (avoid any water fountain, aquarium or a simple flower vase). The Feng Shui art considers bedroom water as an incentive for huge financial losses or even breaking up from your partner.
8. Keep in mind that Feng Shui water fountains have two types of water: still water and running water. Still water brings calm and relaxation into your living space, while the running water helps pushing away negative energies.

What is the recommended shape for a Feng Shui Water Fountain?
There are many available shapes, each with its own domain. For people eager to find an ideal partner or to improve their relationship, heart is the best shape, facing south – west. For interior fountains with metal parts keep in mind to add objects associated with earth or fire: stones, crystals, candles etc. for balancing energies and creating the desired harmony.

A family life with happiness and tranquillity is achieved with many types and models of water fountains. Best choice would be a laughing Buddha facing east or south east.
Here are some Feng Shui tips for water fountains and ways for using them as good luck charms:
1. Water sound is relaxing. Make sure your water fountain has low-noise motor.
2. Take more advantage from the positive setting of these fountains by adding plants in the background. It is well-known that water elements and wood promote good luck.
3. Material and fountain accessories are also important, because they influence your mood and the exterior. Keep in mind that copper promotes creativity while stone, concrete or ceramic interfere with the positive energy induced by running water. When you find your favourite water fountain, remember you can restore positive energy by adding metal elements.
4. Always take care of your Feng Shui water fountain: change the water every couple of days, make sure the water level is optimum, clean the tank etc.
5. Regarding shape you have only one rule: avoid water fountains with corners, because they keep away good luck and repel positive energies.
6. You can choose water fountain decorated with precious stones and particular influence. For example, amethyst rejects spell works, while offering wisdom and soothing from grievance over losing loved ones. Amethyst is also positive for dermatological conditions, psychological disorder, thyroid problems, liver and stomach pains etc. There are also water fountains with onyx stones that improves the health of hair, nails, skin and also digestive disorders.

Agate is one of the most powerful semiprecious stones, also perfect as good luck charm. In ancient times, this was traveller’s stone, for people far away from home and in need of physical and psychical comfort. It is believed that stomach diseases or despair are alleviated from your living space by water fountains decorated with a precious stone.

Feng Shui Water Fountains: Good Luck Charms for Your House
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