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It’s a long road from an idea until completing a decoration or construction project. Along this road you will be tested by despair, spending on impulse for things you do not really need, and rush, fights and unenthusiastic decisions. Or, you can have a bright and relaxing road, with joy on every corner and for completing every little detail. The most important is to keep in mind your goal, always focus on big picture and priorities and pay attention to hidden cost associated to your decisions. Here are a few tips for making sure you’re building the house of your dreams:

Be patient!
Nothing happens overnight. Remember that a beautiful and relaxing home is a space that conveys your personality. It is important to take care of your project, identify the pace and never rush it, although you will experience very busy periods. After deciding on your style, best work step by step for completing bathroom in one month, on more month for the kitchen and finally assuming this long process.

Do not fall for solutions that look fast or cheap at first sight
Always do a reality check! You can experience situations that require over spending, due to rushed decisions or “traps” that solve the problem apparently.

Let’s assume, for example, that you decide on a cheap solution for bathroom and you buy ceramic tiles. Later, you want a personal touch for your bathroom after all. So, you buy small borders or deco elements, only to find out that these are actually a lot more expensive than you would expect. In spite of these, you buy because you want a feel-good, beautiful bathroom, but in the end, you discover that you could have used the whole budget for travertine cladding, if you only knew the costs right from the start.

Photo source: idealhome.co.uk

Make plans for long term
Read, search information and ask for expert tips. When you decide for an efficient distribution of your budget, you should also consider the return on investment.

Taking the same example with the bathroom and considering ceramic tiles replacement in 5 years (due to poor performance or visual purposes), you will realize that going for cheap materials, instead of instant savings, will only bring you a cost twice as much and more headaches. And this is exactly what you tried to avoid in the first place, right?

We recommend you taking into consideration all the options and think long term – it is your best interest to avoid repeating the same task three times and to feel like you really erected the house of your dreams.

Avoid compromises
Sometimes is hard to figure out what you really want from your space. So, seek professional advice from an architect or an interior designer. The experts will always know how to customize your project, identify a style and support your best decisions. Of course, you can always work alone. But for this, you should consider hidden costs. Perhaps assisted by an architect you will actually save a lot, since you have the best way to attain target, without fear of committing errors due to lack of experience. A steady partner for your project will always find a way to protect your interest and customize the space starting with your perception.

Regardless of your means for putting into practice all your wishes and favorite decoration style, never make compromises when you know exactly what do you want. And this should have no connection with the already planned budget. Maybe this means having more patience or working in a slow paced environment, studying some technical procedures or devote more time on investigation. Always keep in mind that the most important thing is living in a home that feels comfortable. And this means a safe place for you and your family for many years to come and it all begins with building confidence, starting from attitude and ways for building that space.

Dream House or Low Cost House?
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