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Polygonal flagstone is used from ancient times and is very appreciated for its “order in disorder” look. Over the years, this method for paving walkways was improved and refined in many ways, being used for interior and exterior decorating projects, regardless of their overview design.

Used in the past and with same results today, polygonal flagstone decorates projects such as facades of a building, stone fences, but also walkways and alleys. Now, this material is popular because of its unique charm and a particular touch attached to every project that use it.

Beside a special look conveyed into every area, this material is also durable and reliable. It resists to snow, rain, high temperatures, freeze/thaw cycles and is a good insulator. During winter, polygonal flagstone maintains interior heat and for summer preserves a warm ambience.

Versatility is one of polygonal flagstone’s main features and decoration projects include paving courtyards, making walkways and gardens remodeling. It is also used for vertical cladding on facades, fences and groundworks. For an exclusive look, wall cladding is most popular application for interior decoration projects with polygonal flagstone.

At the same time, polygonal flagstone comes in many colors, so there is no limit for designing the space you’ve always wanted.   

Benefits of polygonal flagstone

Home base for buildings
Cladding home base with polygonal flagstone conveys a special charm to the entire building. For an exclusive look use this material in any residential area, hotel, bed & breakfast facility or restaurant.

Also, this is ideal for decoration projects of summer houses in the mountains or bed & breakfast, because it fits perfect the landscape.

Polygonal flagstone is very popular for walkways, for many different reasons: it is durable in high-traffic areas and extreme weather conditions and fits beautiful in almost any space.

Use polygonal flagstone for walkways from courtyard until house’s entrance and also garage’s entrance, but do not forget garden walkways. Polygonal flagstone walkways with special look is exactly what you need for turning your garden into an oasis of relaxation.

For garden walkways you should consider more models: installation without joints or with large slabs for creating Japanese steps. Also, you can create polygonal flagstone walkways and use pebble stones, for filling the space between stones.

A fence cladded with polygonal flagstone conveys a rustic touch to courtyard, similar to a picture frame. It definitely brings special charm into any hotel or bed & breakfast. At the same time, fence poles can be cladded with natural stone as well.

Garden decoration
Polygonal flagstone can also be used for walkways and barbecue cladding or for paving the area around barbecues. For a unique touch use polygonal flagstone for paving the area around the fountain and also the space surrounding a gazebo.

Lobbies and conference rooms
For interior projects, polygonal flagstone is used for conveying a rustic touch into lobbies and conference rooms. Polygonal flagstone paving is a detail that adds a special charm into the space.

If you decided to use polygonal flagstone for your project, here are a couple of suggestions.

Rhodos Polygonal Slate

The golden shade of Rhodos polygonal slate (medium flagstone slabs or small flagstone slabs) recommends it as a fine solution for a lovely façade but also for home bases. The material resists to freeze/thaw cycles and is a touch of beauty with a shade that reminds of sand beaches in Greece. Rhodos Polygonal Slate is the perfect choice for a decoration projects of beach hotel or summer house on the beach. June Sun highlights beautifully this natural stone.

Homa Polygonal Stone

If Rhodos Polygonal Stone was a perfect match for the beach, Homa Polygonal Slate is ideal for a summer house in the mountains. Its look reminds of mountain rocks, waterfalls and ice cold rivers in the mountain areas. You can use it for cladding façades or the home base of a building, but also for walkways (courtyard or garden).

Rock Face Thassos Marble

Marble does not need further introduction, as a special material that brings charm into a space. The pure white of Rock Face Thassos Marble is ideal for creating a Mediterranean setting and also for the fans of minimalistic style. If it ideal for interior and exterior decoration projects.

Rusty Brown Polygonal Stone

This is a special color for a very special project. Rusty Brown Polygonal Stone is your choice, for a paving with personality that stands out. The brown shade of this stone will not remain unnoticed. At the same time, its reddish hue will look fine in the garden, contrasting beautifully with the raw green of plants.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project, call us at + 40318 222 333 or visit the showroom to see the concept spaces.

The special charm of polygonal flagstone
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