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Choose the Right Colors for Your Home! What is their meaning?

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Colors have a strong influence in our lives: they set the mood, supply energy or bring a much needed calm and relaxation. Colors with many shades are a constant presence in home decoration, not only for reflecting personality and aesthetic preferences, but also for supplying a needed psychological comfort.

Forget about chromatic barriers in home decoration and imagine unlimited combinations. Avoid using excessive colors and different hues, because you do not want a cluttered space from a chromatic point of view. As a result, contemporary residences highlight a wide range of colors and complex hues, from neutral and strong and pastel up to neon. Color variation covers a home decoration project from the beginning until the end, starting with choosing a paint color for walls and tiles for flooring, kitchen countertops, sanitary ware and last but not least furniture and accessories.

Marsala, Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Marsala is a dark red hue, similar to red wine color and was chosen by Pantone Institute as Color of the Year 2015. So, a robust Marsala color will dominate the year, not only fashion runways, but the preferences on interior design.

Experts agree that such a charming and elegant hue is perfect for large spaces, to be used for walls as paint, wallpaper or tiles and also for accessories, intended to complement the already existing setting. Associated with neutral shades and diaphanous white, opulent Marsala transforms any room in a space with classic perfume, elegant and luxurious.

Select colors for your decorating project based on their meaning

Because of the huge influence they have on us, colors used for home decoration should be carefully selected. Besides aesthetic, colors and shades should be selected based on their deep meaning. Here are main colors used in decoration projects, thanks to versatility high matching probability:

White is a symbol of purity and life but also of death. A pleasant achromatic color, capable of inducing positive energy, white can be used in any room and any quantity. When used excessively though, it is better to keep it restrained (since it might become over boring when applied on large surfaces) by other colors that offers calm and relaxation, because white is considered an active achromatic color.

Painting walls in white is one of the most popular choices, followed by white color furniture. White is preferred also for flooring, the immaculate marble being one of the most stunning natural stones used for such projects. Capable of delivering a strong impact, white is ideal for decorating bathrooms and bedrooms.

Black and neutral colors
Black and neutral colors (grey and cream, beige and brown) are some of most popular colors used in interior decorations. Black, which is also an achromatic color (similar to white) induces feelings such as mystery, magic, power and stability and has the great feature of highlighting other colors in an interesting way. Black promotes introspection when used in a residential project, but you should use it moderately for not unlocking its depressing effect. Black is a fine choice for flooring, sanitary ware and countertops for bathroom or kitchen, in association with marble, granite and slate will shape a royal setting. For exterior projects, black creates a touch of class and style.

House exterior wall – Kavala Slate Riven. PIATRAONLINE.com customer's project.

Brown, cream and beige are colors associated with nature and earth, responsible for inducing warm, comfort and relaxation. All these indicate safety and stability, are practical shades and easy to match, especially in larger rooms (living room and a spacious kitchen). Those three colors (brown, cream and beige) stimulate concentration, when combined with strong shades for avoiding dullness.

Read also the text on “Feng-Shui Decoration Principles”

Usually, the furniture borrows these shades, and also flooring made from parquet or natural stone for high-traffic areas. Travertine is a natural stone with beige yellowish color and a top choice for countertops, flooring or even wall cladding for interior or exterior decoration projects.

Red is a popular choice for interior design, mainly for highlighting. Because red is strong and vibrating, excess induces excitement, so avoid using it in bedrooms, because it stimulates or enhances sleeping disorders. A warm and energetic color, red is ideal in vast areas with high-traffic, as for example the living room (ideal solution for using it in a decoration project). If you want to create a dynamic and energetic setting and to stimulate social interactions and good feelings use burgundy red natural stone for the wall, flooring and interior and exterior cladding (fences, facades, etc.).

Yellow, especially the mild and pastel version is a lively and joyful color, awesome choice for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms (used moderately) and living rooms. Yellow is a solar color that brings warm and comfort into every space, when used as main color or for highlighting. This color is popular for interior and exterior cladding with natural stone or spare materials. Slate, travertine or metal mosaic tiles are some of the options available in golden/yellow, for adding light and shine into every corner of your house.

For further details on choosing the stone best suited to your project, give us a call at +40318.222.333, or better visit our showroom to see the concept spaces.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Home! What is their meaning?
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