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publicat in: Different natural stones // Publicata pe 03.12.2018

Since the ‘80’s we have a new trend in interior design: the flexible slate, an innovative product that transforms the perception on natural stone. What was until then considered a raw, unpolished and not malleable natural material, turned into a definition of flexibility. As a result, SKIN flexible slate becomes the ideal solution for curved, atypical surfaces.



What is the flexible SKIN slate?

This is a unique product on the Romanian market, produced from the most amazing slate. A revolutionary method allows the production of multiple layers of natural stone from 5 tonnes block. The fiber substrate is applied to the back of the SKIN flexible slate, then applied in liquid shape over the slate block, which allows sheets to peel manually.


The result is a natural stone sheet, 2 cm thickness and 1.5 kg/sqm weight, thus reducing both transport costs and depletion of natural stone resources. SKIN flexible slate sheets can be installed on virtually any surface, such as: wood, MDF, particleboard, concrete and ceramics. Forget everything you tought you knew about natural stone and discover the new revolutionary SKIN range.


1. "Natural Stone Wallpaper"

SKIN flexible slate is the ideal material for fast cladding your home. Similar to a wallpaper sheet, but with an area of 100% natural stone, flexible slate will convey personality into your space. The SKIN product range includes 18 models, all inspired by nature seasons. This material will decorate the walls of your kitchen, bathroom, living room or even bedroom. A simple process and a special adhesive, the flexible slate can be installed on any surface, even for bathroom / kitchen ceramic tiles, but not before applying a leveling layer. And because we are talking about natural stone, it naturally requires sealing, i.e. closing pores and we recommend using LTP Mattstone for this.


2. House Furniture

Did you know you can get rid of standard furniture look and offer them a genuine touch and personality with SKIN flexible slate? This product can clad furniture pieces, including those with atypical surfaces – curved-shaped chairs, but also door fronts. With this innovative material you will give a fresh face to your house furniture and besides it is very easy to install. Also, in spite of sheet’s standard size of 122 x 61 cm, we can custom-size them for your project.



3. Fireplace

Did you know that a central element of your home can be decorated with this material – SKIN flexible slate? This material is durable against high temperatures and you will not pose any problem for your project. Thanks to its flexibility, SKIN flexible slate will perfectly adapt to the surface of your fireplace, even if the surface is not perfectly flat.



4. Shower enclosure

The flexible SKIN slate is a material with perfect behavior in wet spaces, so you can use for bathrooms, saunas and other wet spaces. You can design a fresh shape for your shower enclosure, an essential element for relaxation. The natural elegance of this material is unmatched by any other material. And besides, due to its thickness and weight, you will considerably reduce the execution time of your project. 


This production technology allows processing stone blocks into thin sheets, to obtain later genuine elements of unique elegance. The result is a symbiosis between a rustic, raw material and a modern design. We believe successful projects need spectacular materials.

4 Tips for using SKIN flexible slate
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