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5 Reasons to choose marble for your kitchen countertop

publicat in: Kitchen // Publicata pe 24.09.2018

Marble is an elegant, soft, natural stone with subtle colors and finishes, it feels delicate when touched and discharges a primitive and authentic charm, introduced in our world as an Earth blessing.


A decoration element since ancient history, marble has cladded facades of buildings and paved roads, besides cladding sumptuous interiors and highlighting its versatility in many projects. For proving the eternity of marble countertops, we have a perfect symbiosis of pragmatism and frivolity, between a present stealing ideas and the eternal real. The reasons for choosing marble for countertop are objective but also subjective, as follows:


1. Color

There are many types of marble to choose for a countertop. Sunny Polish marble has a gentle, cream, soft color. On the other end Nero Marquina marble has a rational, elegant black color, highlighted by white, thin veins. Regardless of tones or shades, the color is essential when choosing a marble for your countertop.


2. Type of finish

Even though marble is available with a wide range of finishes, the polished finish is more popular for countertops, because, apart from not absorbing light, it also enhances the translucent effect, conveying a special elegance to your countertop. Kavala Marble has a beautiful polished finish, adding a special touch and conveying an original style to your countertop.


3. Translucence

Translucence (the ability to allow the passage of light) is a feature of marble, particularly the soft color one. Volakas white marble with black veins is amazing, with a density and structure that allows the passage of light.


4. Individuality

Marble is a unique product of the Earth and there is no technology able to replicate exactly this creation of Mother Nature. For this reason, you can not have 2 identical countertops. Calacatta Lilac marble is perfectly highlighting this special feature.


5. Added value

Marble is a beautiful, sensitive, soft material, conveying a unique style into your decoration project. The fascination delivered by marble creates added value. Portoro Gold Polished marble has majestic, incredible originality, conveying a real and evident added value.


Marble is a medium porosity rock, durable in freeze-thaw cycles but sensitive to scratches and stains therefore seling its surface is highly recommended. You need to apply a first treatment before installation. This is recommended for large tiles/countertops. Basically, marble aftercare is a process including 3 steps: surface cleaning, sealing (waterproofing) and aftercare. For aftercare, it is also necessary to clean any stains over the surface. Water is responsible for the most common stains, then oil and corrosive agents. Of all, the ones that mostly damage the surface are those caused by food acids. For marble aftercare, we recommend the following tips:


1. Do not use powders or creams for cleaning because are abrasive and might scratch surfaces


2. Do not place boxes with acidic substances directly over the countertop, since there is a chance of dripping that might end with a spoiled surface


3. Do not leave metallic vessels on marble countertops since it can develop rust and damage the stone surface


4. Wipe immediately any drop of water/aggressive agents – it has been found that water and corrosive agents will not leave stains if wiped immediately from surface. You are not supposed to actually wipe surface, but clean it with warm water and a neutral detergent. Finally dry the surface by wiping it with a dry cloth.


5. Clean marble surfaces with neutral or alkaline detergents (pH 7 or higher) and hot water – some dishwashing detergents comply with this requirement


Marble countertops require standard/regular maintenance with LTP products (e.g. LTP Stonewash, LTP Waxwash etc.). The productivity of these aftercare marble treatments is indicated by an extedend lifetime of the countertop (approximately 30 years).


Visit our website for discovering our entire product range of natural stone countertops! For further details, you have the option of ordering samples.

5 Reasons to choose marble for your kitchen countertop
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