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publicat in: Different natural stones // Publicata pe 11.11.2014

In terms of Feng Shui, the world consists of five fundamental elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. According to this theory, each element has a specific energy, thus influencing by its presence, the state and even the destiny of people.

Wood enhances the power of creation because it is a symbol of growth, food and flexibility. Besides the wood itself, such an energy can also be induced by indoor plants or excellent, natural fabrics.

Fire is an expression of dynamic energy, enthusiastic, expressive and daring. Any light source represents fire, especially red or pink shades and triangular, pyramidal shapes.

Photo source: fengshuiformy.com

Metal is a symbol of mind, logic and reason. Besides metallic objects, it can be replaced from the energetic point of view with silver, gold, round or wrought iron objects.

Water belongs to the realm of emotions and can improve its energy by using surfaces that reflect light or random, irregular shapes.

In Feng-Shui the Earth indicates stability, solid roots, trust and safety. The natural stone belongs to such energy and if you want to boost it, choose colors similar with tan or yellow.

Each element has a specific relationship with the other, so it’s better to take care of all your imbalances when decorating your home. It is good to know that natural stone (i.e. the Earth element in Feng – Shui) is amplified by the fire-type energy, controlled by that of wood and weakened by the presence of energy – which is the metal. In turn, the presence of the stone controls the water, increases the metal and exhaust the fire.

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According to Feng Shui theories, natural stone in excess laid in a space imbalanced by interaction with other elements (like the energy of wood, for example) can generate feelings of pressure, monotony or apathy. From the other side, a deficit of natural stone (the earth element), leads to a residence with chaotic, unstable, and insecure or disorganized energy.

Feng Shui and Natural Stone
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