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Bathroom, bedroom and living room: natural stone in the main role

publicat in: Interviews // Publicata pe 26.10.2015

We continue our journey through the most beautiful decoration projects of PIATRAONLINE clients and we reach Stefan, the owner of a house in the old area of Bulevardul ​​Unirii. Although this was a more complex decoration project, because the owner got involved, the result were as expected: we are dealing with a project in which the natural stone is the point of attraction and the inspired combinations have created an extremely elegant home.

How did it all start? "We bought a property limited by regulations associated with 112 Law, which confines the creativity of the new owner," says Stefan. "The house has a ground floor of 110 sqm, a courtyard of 840 sqm, and the first floor has a surface of 130 sqm, divided into three bedrooms," explains the owner. "It was necessary to reconfigure the old ground floor and there is also a project for building an attic. In fact, the property was practically rebuilt and a plan of union between two houses was made, thus becoming one. The subsequent project would be the basement decoration. This decoration project was imagined by an architect, yet experienced several alterations, to “please” the owner. It's an original version - an Australian-style home."


Bathroom floor - natural color slate

The bathroom is impressive: the flooring with large riven slate tiles and fascinating shades of rusty, mustard and brown, combined with white stone bathware, contemporary design, unfinished wood (used both for bathtubs and beams) but also the presence of metal creates a coherent space with daring touch.

Multicolor riven slate flooring and Brown Slate Wall Cladding Panel

"The baths have Turkish inspiration. We had in mind to use the same materials - the same type of stone, to be specific – for creating a consistent image. We hired three craftsmen – a glazier, a stonemason and an installation expert, to guarantee a top quality installation" says Stefan about bathroom decoration. The inspiration for interior design comes from a website dedicated to architecture and interior design (Houzz), but also from Stefan’s father advice. The end result is a unique blend of materials - stone, wood and metal.

Living room wall, this time decorated with Rusty Black Slate Wall Cladding Panel

Another area in which the owner also selected the slate cladding panel is the living room: this time, the slate is darker, Rusty Black. Other benefit for natural decorative stone cladding panels includes the easy installation and to be specific, the pattern in the above picture is an excellent choice, especially in this context: the appearance is contemporary, the wall is a perfect match for the light wood flooring and white furniture.

In short, about slate:

Slate is a natural stone resulted from the conversion of sedimentary or eruptive rocks under the influence of heat and pressure. Generally, they have grey colors, but in some areas, their color varies, and can be either green or red. It is composed of clay with fine granules and can be split into thin, fine and straight plates. The durability of slate, its outstanding resistance to the actions of both atmospheric and mechanical agents, and especially the beauty of texture captivated the contractors since ancient times. You can review our full range of slate offer here.

Bedroom Wall: Stone Slate Rusty Brown

Natural stone conveys a strong personality into the bedroom – in here, Stefan used Rusty Brown Riven Slate 10 cm with free lengths and the rest of his decisions maintained a consistency with the other rooms: shades and natural materials with daring combinations.

As for the collaboration with PIATRAONLINE, Stefan tells us: "It's strange, but I discovered you thanks to a competitor, when I heard him talking about you. Later, I visited your website and paid a visit to Aleea Teisani. The decoration project for the last bathroom was more difficult, but a showroom consultant helped me with very good ideas and solutions."

For further details on the stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Bathroom, bedroom and living room: natural stone in the main role
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