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Kitchen Decoration | Kitchen Decorating Ideas with Style

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1. Useful tips for kitchen decoration

2. Kitchen decoration ideas for your design

3. Choosing the natural stone kitchen countertop

4. Ideas for decorating your kitchen with natural stone


Kitchen is no longer a space exclusively for preparing or storing food. It has become an intimate area for enjoying a coffee / cup of tea before going to the office, or for spending a lovely family evening while cooking or watching a Netflix series and most important, as hosting area for friends associated with a glass of wine and a lovely chat. Having invented such new functions, people started to change perspective on this space and their idea of decoration. These things are valid for a 50 sqm apartment but also for a house with a kitchen as large as an apartment. It is only the size of the items that changes.


Even with a small apartment kitchen you want a modern space to feel comfortable, in line with the latest glossy magazine trends. Before bringing in all the furniture and decoration pieces you have added to your wishlist, you should set some clear priorities, for helping you (re)design your space with style and time efficient. If you’re not working with an expert, here are some useful and important tips that will surely help you:


1. Useful tips for kitchen decoration


First of all, you must establish the functionality of this space from the very beginning. It is an essential aspect that will definitely influence the personal comfort in this space, especially since kitchen is different for every one. If you want a comfortable space for hosting friends during weekends or the favorite of designers, then you should invest heavy in decorative elements (for cladding and flooring), furniture and decoration items and less in utilities. If you want your kitchen to serve as practice ground for your talents and kitchen passion, yet you will also want to have the best pictures on Instagram, you have to pay attention to the oven you are going to buy and make room for an island-like table – for his, we recommend a natural stone countertop, so that you can arrange all these utilities, to use them as close as possible to your working table.



The layout is an important aspect of a functional kitchen. This includes installing sink close to water and drainage, configuring the storage space based on both kitchen size and worktops.


Choosing a personal style that needs to be dominating is another essential aspect of kitchen decoration. Besides your favorite style, you should also consider the design for the rest of the house. Depending on your favorite style, you should be able to organize the other tasks for this project.


Setting a budget – this might usually be a headache, because our plans could exceed the budget. It is best to start from basic materials such as natural stone for cladding, flooring, decorative plaster for a more colourful space and accessories – adhesives, grout, solutions for cleaning and aftercare of natural stone. Indeed, splitface cladding has a higher price compared to ceramic tiles, yet the beauty of this natural material and its features – hardness and durability – are unique. As with any other extensive project, you should consider it as a one-time investment. A decoration project starts with electrical system, water and heating system, then flooring and walls, followed by furniture, appliances and decorations at the end.


2. Kitchen decoration ideas for your design


French Kitchens


The charming style from the glossy magazines can be implemented even in a small kitchen. It is famous by white shades that you can use for your kitchen furniture – it can also be an old wooden furniture that could be refurbished, followed by applying a thin coat of white paint. You will get an amazing effect and furniture will not lose its beauty in time. Grey colored shades are also a feature of this style.



Also, natural stone is another essential element of a French kitchen – in light colors or sallow, closer to nature's colors. The main elements in these kitchens are natural materials and no matter how small, are able to shape a comfortable space for you to feel at home or as a chef in your own restaurant kitchen. The white Volakas Marble or Calacatta Lilac are ideal in any kitchen and with their elegance conveyed, you will have your dream space. This style is a contemporary modern classic you you have to love, no matter what. Wood, stone, light colors that will brighten your space, for you to feel, every morning, like in an authentic Parisian place. Don't forget to display on your countertop, also from white marble, a couple of pots with aromatic plants. This will make the setting complete, conveying also a paradise of the senses.



Mediterranean-style Kitchens


Mediterranean style is a particular style for Romanian houses – a comfort zone that allows us to arrange our own spaces without professional help because the rules are simple: warm colors – beige, cream, shades of brown, solid wood, stone. Travertine is the perfect for the kitchen flooring associated with this style, as a porous stone wide a wide range of color variation, available also for countertops. Simple decors, shades of blue, furniture with classic and simple lines. The Mediterranean style will fit perfectly for the design of a small kitchen. The stone will convey warmth, subtle colors will provide space, without overloading it and wood accents will create a consistent space.



Rustic Kitchens


Rustic style is not necessarily old or outdated, but on the contrary, it is able to conceal the latest technologies in that vintage air. This is a little difficult to adjust for an apartment kitchen, but it should be built one element at a time for conveying that warmth, comfort and sensation of "grandmother's kitchen" we all remember dearly. In a rustic kitchen, wood and natural stone are mandatory. Wooden elements can be refurbished furniture. Natural stone can be used for cladding and travertine is ideal for this. Our travertine product range include warm colors such as cream, gray, beige and orange. Slate panels are ideal for cladding. Rustic style always underlines the natural beauty of things, a true mirror of simplicity, yet one filled with energy and authentic elegance.



3. Choosing the natural stone kitchen countertop


Depending on your available space and the kitchen shape, you can have a recessed countertop in the lower furniture or a kitchen island countertop. There are many criteria of choice for kitchen countertops. Combine them all and we will find two main, with weight deciding the choice: the practical and aesthetic criterion. Hence, the idea that a kitchen countertop must look good and be durable. PIATRAONLINE portfolio includes a wide range of marble, travertine, slate, granite or limestone countertops.


Granite countertop is the easiest choice since the granite meets the best standards for a countertop. Regardless of being produced from cutting a slab directly or by cladding with the right tiles, the granite countertop is very durable, it is virtually waterproof and withstands perfect the corrosive agents. Models with polished finish are the best solutions for kitchen countertops, in terms of durability against external factors.




The marble countertop has different features, not as durable against external factors, yet highlighted by its unique beauty and elegance of this material. For extending its lifetime, surface should be treated with solutions designed for natural stone. A kitchen design is complete with a marble countertop.




The features of a slate countertop are similar to those of granite, highlighted by better durability when subjected to scratching, the slate being more sensitive compared to granite. PIATRAONLINE portfolio includes Noisette Multicolor Riven Slate – highlighted by enhanced tile color, thus creating a particular design, durability and the unporous stone surface, easier to clean and lower aftercare compared to travertine or marble. Or Silver Polished Slate Countertop, highlighted by unique pattern and special pattern from stone surface.


Travertine countertop has the features of limestone, medium water absorption coefficient and medium durability against corrosive factors. Travertine has a particular color variation, developing an archaic look and rustic look, better highlighted than other types of rocks.



4. Ideas for decorating your kitchen with natural stone


Natural stone adapts perfectly to a kitchen decoration, regardless of the design style, because it warms the space, making it vibrate in a way unmatched by any other material. Natural stone countertops are a first element you can bring in a small kitchen decoration project. For two reasons: one is aesthetic, the other is utility. For cladding, you can use natural stone panels, such as Fileti Tumbled Thassos Marble, ideal for any design style, especially with other natural materials such as wood. For a stylish kitchen decoration project, you will need materials with small shapes such as natural stone mosaic. This practice employed for the walls since ancient times fascinates with its particular aesthetics and the freedom to create. The mosaic can be glued piece by piece if you want a specific design, but you have also the option of pre-assembled mosaic. This means that mosaic pieces are delivered pre-assembled on a mesh back-sheet structures with sizes up to 30 x 30 cm, facilitating a correct, easy and fast installation on the substrate. If you want an authentic space with some typical Romanian elements, we decided to reinterpret a Bucovinian model and make it out of mosaic – we combined Dark Emperador Marble from Spain with Light Beige Marble from Turkey.



Natural stone window sills for your kitchen windows. Not only do they fulfill their aesthetic purpose successfully, but you can find them also a functional part. Aromatic or decorative plants, which should not be miss from a kitchen regardless of the design style approached, are a perfect fit over these window sills. For these elements you have a wide range of stones: white marble or cream if you prefer elegance, granite for its unique hardness and durability, travertine for the warmth of its shades or slate for an exotic and modern accent.


Kitchen flooring is an essential element and we believe that natural stone will cope to your needs with flying colors. Besides being an elegant material, available in a wide range of shades and finishes, the stone has premium quality – unique hardness and durability. Every style and personality has a type of stone capable of being integrated into the design of your kitchen. Besides exotic slate, marble is an ideal choice if you want to focus more on aesthetics. The style and elegance conveyed by every vein is unique and will transform your space into the ones from the glossy magazines. White, black, cream, green, gray or coloured, marble is one of those materials that adds value to your space.


A natural stone bathroom sink can transform the ambiance of your kitchen. It is extremely practical and compact, made from a durable, sustainable natural material and most importantly it is very easy to clean and maintain. We recommend sealing the surfaces with LTP solutions particularly designed for this, for preventing water penetration into the stone pores and protecting it from external factors that could spoil its beauty.


If you’re planning a kitchen decoration project, allow yourself to be inspired by classic styles, yet adding also a personal touch. There is much to say about a space as complex as the kitchen, but important thing you should know is the specific purpose of this space, how do you see for you and your family. Natural stone is definitely a universal material that manages to dominate any space with its singularity and beauty of each piece and such a decoration project will definitely find a space to be cladded with natural stone. Regardless of your project, you will find everything you need at PIATRAONLINE, genuinely #generatinginspiration. We invite you to visit our website for our full product range and get in touch with us by email at export@piatraonline.com or by phone at +40.318.222.333!

Kitchen Decoration | Kitchen Decorating Ideas with Style
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