Modern kitchen: simple natural stone design solutions

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Modern kitchen: simple natural stone design solutions

Modern kitchens, minimalist approaches

Let's talk about finishes and the types of stone that can help create a modern kitchen: from marble to onyx to travertine, granite, slate and terrazzo. Both polished surfaces and tumbled ones work when used for paving, splashbacks and partial wall cladding. Decorative stones such as panels, Kavala, Laguna and Sikis Mix slate, Noce, Classic and Silver travertine or White Pearl and Sunny Dream marble or apparent brick.

Jeera Green flexible slate

Sunny marble kitchen splashback

This list that can go on and on can create a pleasing contrast with the smoothness of the dominant tiling stone. And because we are on minimalist territory, contrasts are only used to highlight the chromatic unity of the entire space. An example would be pairing a Latte travertine kitchen countertop with a splashback made from small tiles in similar colours, while the floor is a contrasting nuance. If you opt for a contrasting splashback, make sure you don't include other touches of colours in the design of the kitchen. In this context, colours are mixed pretty simple: cream and white, black and white, white and grey, green and yellow, red and white etc.

Oriental Terrazzo splashback

Yellow travertine floor and Sunny marble splashback

The modern kitchen: other natural stone tiling solutions

SKIN flexible slate is another useful option in interior design. You can use it as a splashback but its qualities (its flexibility and the fact it's waterproof and does not stain when exposed to acidic liquids) recommend it for cladding furniture pieces. The installation process is very simple; you don't need any previous training.
The terrazzo tiles also have a major role in defining a modern kitchen. Out of all the other products we've mentioned, these tiles are the most colourful. That's why you have to choose the other colours of the room carefully. Terrazzo tiles can be used for the splashback and also for cladding some furniture objects.

Oriental Terrazzo splashback, the only colourful area of the kitchen

Perfect chromatic synchronisation, starting with the Rock Star Grey travertine floor

Furniture and the modern kitchen. How to stay faithful to the concept?

We've recommended subtle pairings and praised the simple and elegant appearance of natural stone. But to create a minimalist kitchen you also have to choose furniture, appliances and utensils that fit this profile. So, as much as possible, the furniture, fridge, light fixtures or the dish washer and oven should share the same colours, no more than three, while the contrast shouldn't be too strong. Lines should be straight (avoid handles with heavy ornaments) and the light should be only one colour. We strain the importance of light in the kitchen because nowadays this space is not only for cooking but also for socializing and can even have the role of a living room in homes with an open space kitchen.
As you can see, there are many solutions to design a minimalist kitchen. But sometimes this variety is the very reason why choosing become so hard. 

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