Natural stone for your outdoor kitchen

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Natural stone for your outdoor kitchen

When you decide on planning your outdoor kitchen, take into account the time you spend cooking out in the yard. If you need it for a vacation house where you spend just a few weeks a year, the kitchen should just have basic equipment. If, on the other hand, you and your family spend a lot of time around the barbecue and throw a lot of parties outside, then you can start considering a complete outdoor kitchen: a grill, oven, or both, a kitchen table and a built-in sink. You can also add a dinning set if you have the space.

Polygonal Stone Cladded Standard Garden Barbecue

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You can choose from a wide range of products, depending on your needs and available space: barbecue (available in different sizes), oven, or oven with built-in barbecue.

A natural stone outdoor kitchen has a lot of qualities. Firstly, natural stone is highly durable. This means weather and temperature fluctuations will not wear it down, especially if the stone is sealed.

Moreover, these modern kitchen pieces are built with steel concrete, have a fireproof brick cupola and their components are easy to install. When installing a garden barbecue, it is important to use a thermo resistant adhesive to ensure maximum durability.
Our ovens and barbecues are available in different sizes in order to suit every terrace or garden, big or small.
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