Decorating the balcony or terrace with natural stone, a simple and elegant solution

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Decorating the balcony or terrace with natural stone, a simple and elegant solution

Tips and tricks: how can we give personality to this space?

Usually, decorating a balcony or a terrace is limited to choosing some outdoor furniture, a swing bought from the supermarket, a small barbecue, while the pavement is made from cement. In other words, zero personality.

Tumbled Cross Cut Travertine Cobblestone

Instead of going for the dull cement pavement, we suggest natural stone. Naturally, the price changes, but the aesthetic and practical benefits are tripled. Natural stone is durable, perfect for humid environments and it’s also unique. Each tile is, in a sense, a piece of nature itself. If you have a large yard, you have a lot of choices when it comes to paving, from slate, granite and sandstone to limestone, marble and travertine cobblestone. These different types of stone also come in various finishes such as riven, tumbled or polished, depending on your preferred style: rustic, elegant or classic. When it comes to balconies, because we are talking about a much smaller space, we recommend tiles with a thickness of 2 to 3 cm, depending on how much you can elevate the floor. Again, you can choose whatever type of stone suits your style. A special category of product is that or the Oriental Terrazzo tiles which bring a mix of Oriental and Mediterranean influence into your design. In terms of tile pattern, the French and Mini French Pattern sets continue to be the most popular choices for relaxation spaces, whether they are covered or partially covered. The smaller the balcony, the smaller the tiles we recommend. This will make the space appear wider and less cluttered. In the case of terraces, the design can also include garden stone (Thassos pebble, Sandstone Rainbow Pebble etc.), but also smaller rocks such as Red Atlas Marble Pebble, Lava Red Pebble and other products.

Blue KR-09 Oriental Terrazzo

Thassos White Marble Pebble

Brushed Silver Slate

Decorating the balcony: vertical paving

For vertical cladding you can also use different types of tiles (travertine, marble, granite, slate, SKIN flexible slate etc.), but keep in mind that the size of the stone should be small, for the same reason mentioned above: to make the space appear larger. In order to continue this sense of space, you also have to respect a few basic composition principles. Don’t use the same type of stone for both the balcony walls or the walls facing the terrace and the balcony or terrace floor. Also, decorative borders and partial cladding are also good ideas for linear and chromatic variety. In other words, polished, tumbled and splitface mosaics are a perfect choice. And so are decorative stones such as panels, Homa slate, Yellow travertine, Rodon marble etc.

Kavala Slate

Rusty Brown Slate Strips

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Choosing natural stone for your balcony or garden is a blessing but also a normal responsibility. In order to preserve its beauty and functionality, natural stone should be maintained and sealed periodically.

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