Multicolored Splitface Travertine 5 cm x FL x 2.2 cm

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Product description

Decorative natural stone will never lose its charm. Its famous expressivity stays untouched even when cut into smaller pieces. On the contrary: it becomes more delicate, like in the case of this Multicolor splitface travertine. It is easy to apply both at the interior and the exterior.

PIATRAONLINE puts at your disposal a decorative natural stone with an excellent quality/price ratio and a resistance which will prove itself on the long term. It is easily applied and cleaned and also very resistant in time even after applying multiple layers of sealant. 

Usage: The decorative splitface Travertine is often used on the exterior of various buildings. Because of its splitface look, many people prefer to use it on facades and fences. But why stop here? This stone also brings a marvelous look to the interior when used on fireplaces, in kitchens and other special places.

Installing Recommendations:
If the project is up to 3 m high, it can be applied straight onto the heating system, wood, brick etc. If the project is higher than 3 m, it is mandatory to use arming net and multiple dowels in order to fix it onto  heating system. If you wish to apply it onto drywall it is mandatory to use rabitz net.

Product specification

Weight (U.M.)
60 kg
Cleaning & maintenance
Recommended sealer
LTP Mattstone / LTP Mattstone H20
Sealer for color enhancement
LTP Colour Intensifier
Product for cleaning before or after installation
LTP Grimex
Sealer for wet spaces
LTP Colour Intensifier / LTP Mattstone H20
Product for cleaning and aftercare (daily)
LTP Waxwash / LTP Stonewash
Product for intensive cleaning or stains
LTP Grout Stain Remover
Product for cleaning (light stains)
LTP Power Stripper
Surface finish:
Color variation
5 cm x FL
Suitable for:
Exterior - wall cladding
Interior - wall cladding
2.2 cm
Product code
Suggested grout
Chit Rosturi Weber Color Perfect
Installation support
Suitable for different wall & floor substrates (Concrete / cement faced / plasterboard)
Adhesive consumption
1 sack = 3.5 sqm
Recommended adhesive
Weber Set Marmo Plus / Weber Set Stone
Product purchase details
Minimum order quantity
10 sqm
Order now and we will dispatch it by truck in Europe or by container internationally. Regardless of quantity, our shipping cost will be low. To find out our shipping price, just give us a call.
Packaging Unit Weight (kg)
893 Kg
Weight (SQM)
60 kg
Weight of the pallet / box / package (kg)
1200 Kg
Packing details
20 sqm / crate

Comments or reviews:

29.08.2017 13:57
I want to clad the base of my house and I need an advice. Roof color is “Ral 7024” (graphite grey), façade of house is dirty white and window frames are anthracite grey. Do you think that Multicolored Splitface Travertine 5 cm x FL x 2.2 cm will match with the rest of design? | 13.09.2017 15:01

Travertine is cream for conveying a warm accent to your house and in perfect match with roof colors, façade and window frames.

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14.08.2017 10:36
Slate or travertine are recommended for cladding facades of houses? What should be taken into account? | 14.08.2017 11:04

For facades of building above 3 m, you should have reinforcement with wire mesh or post rabitz, which will need to be fixed with dowel in underlay (brick etc.). For any wall cladding lower than 3 m, there should be no need for reinforcement.

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