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Tips and ideas for a modern kitchen decoration project

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In time, kitchen had many transformations for keeping up with changes in people’s behavior and food habits. Apart from aour constantly changing world, we have needs as human beings which require to adapt and modify our spaces. The traditional cuisine was strictly limited to food preparation and preservation, ocassionally a space for dinner. Starting with this, we currently have a modern kitchen, the core of your house, aimed at relaxation, enjoying morning coffees and hosting visit of friends, who will probably stay for dinner also. The kichen has no longer only one function, now it is a retreat for cooking fans.


⇒ Ideas for a modern and practical kitchen


1. Natural materials

2. Accessories in a modern kitchen

3. Trendy color combinations

4. Geometry of modern kitchens


⇒ Why chosing a modern kitchen?


1. Kitchen island decoration


A modern style and its elements are not only about concept and design, but also functionality and the story of such a space. If you already have a modern kitchen, in terms of functionality, we thought we might help with ideas and tips for modern kitchens.


Ideas for a modern and practical kitchen


1. Natural materials


To be perfectly clear, the trends from every year bring us closer to natural materials. Only technology and colors are changing. Therefore, for every project, keep in mind the influence of natural materials over the final result. Although you have a limited number of natural materials, there is versatile wide range of shapes, textures and colors, which gives you unbelievable possibilities. The honed finishes begin to replace the glossy ones (polished), which means that for an elegant touch you could replace your glossy ceramic tile flooring with Silver Brushed Slate or Multicolor Riven Slate. For wall cladding or backsplashes you have a wide range of natural stone and sizes to choose from – travertine, marble mosaic, terrazzo. In terms of color, for a modern kitchen you can use nature-inspired shades – from soft blue to yellow mustard and bright red.


Kitchen flooring is essential and we believe natural stone is an excellent solution for your needs. Besides being an elegant material with a wide range of finishes and shades, this is a high quality natural stone – unique endurance and durability. Every style and personality has a type of natural stone that will integrate into the design of your kitchen. Apart from the exotic slate, marble is the ideal choice if you want to focus more on aesthetics. The elegance and style conveyed by each marble vein is unique, turning your space into a topic for glossy magazines. White, black, cream, green, gray or coloured, marble is one of those materials that brings added value to your space.



Terrazzo tiles seem to be made for modern kitchens. Brightly coloured and full of geometric lines, terrazzo can be installed as flooring, but can also be used for backsplashes. Are easy to maintain, slip resistant and you will have no trouble combining them with the rest of the elements.


Travertine is one of the most affordable and used natural stones because of the warmth conveyed by its light shades. A stone highlighted by its porous surface and durability against external factors that could destroy the beauty of this material (drops of water, oil, grease, acidic substances), as long as surface is waterproofed with professional solutions from the LTP range. Peach Travertine is a daring model for modern kitchens that conveys a warmth of "home" and is available in many sizes.


If you consider natural stone a cold, solid material, you could not be more mistaken. Natural stone feaures a good heat transfer and can be even installed for underfloor heating systems. Its durability is unique compared with any other material, the maintenance is very light if it is waterproofed after installation and can decorate virtually any surface.


Kitchen countertops are simple pieces of furniture that you can transform into modern and very practical elements. For maintaining the modern design of your kitchen you can use natural stone. The feeling of comfort and elegance offered by natural stone can not be obtained with other materials. Besided, you have a wide range of stones, colors and textures to choose from. Slate countertops are ideal for a minimalistic kitchen with honed accents and bright colors. This material is highlighted by hardness, durability to moisture and other external factors, but due to its formation in layers is more sensible to scratching if surface is not treated with professional products from the LTP range. Travertine is another amazing material recommended for countertops – warm colors, strong touches. Besides kitchen cladding, countertops can also be used as work space – for preparing dinner – unless you have kitchen island table. Marble has a pleasant elegance when used for countertops and even kitchen tables. The beauty of this natural stone underlines every element. It is not the cheapest material, but if you are more interested in the aesthetic part, you can be sure marble will match your expectations. White kitchens are trending, therefore Volakas and Calacatta countertops are a perfect fit for the decoration project of this modern spaces. Moreover, by having surfaces sealed with professional waterproofing products such as LTP range, your countertop will be more durable against any external factor, benefittng also from an extended lifetime.



Wooden countertops are highly functional, will create authentic spaces, are hygienic and their surfaces can be waterproofed for withstanding high temperatures or moisture. However, in time color can fade away, scratch or crack because of chemical agents or other external factors. Cleaning wood surfaces is not as easy as cleaning natural stone surfaces, but there are professional solutions that you can use for avoiding surface damages. If you prefer a wooden countertop, you should take into account quality and surface treatment for extending its lifetime.



The capacity of bringing nature into your living space was an aspiration over the centuries. Natural and organic elements convey tranquility, peace and above all a truly authentic space by design.


Wooden furniture is a popular choice for your modern cuisine. This natural material is durable, beautiful and can be processed in various shapes and finishes for highlighting its beauty. For a modern design you can use a dark color and minimal lines, no ornaments/decorative elements. Moreover, this material can be painted as you like it, without damaging its beauty. A natural stone backsplash will fit perfectly into the wooden ambience; you have a wide range of natural stone and sizes to choose from. Also, furniture can be cladded with SKIN flexible slate – with 18 modern textures available from this revolutionary material you will definitely find the one suitable for your project.


The practical side and the modern side are about optimizing the space, by creating a kitchen that meets the needs of you and your family and observing simple directions – colors, geometric lines and materials. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, the furniture pieces are aimed at space management and avoiding clutter, yet providing enough space for storage.


2. Accessories in a modern kitchen


Apparently, the beauty of a space lies in every detail. For obtaining these details responsible with modern design in contemporary kitchens, here is what you can do:


Natural stone window sills for kitchen windows. Besides the fact that it will fulfill an aesthetic purpose successfully, you will also discover a functional purpose. Window sills can serve as support for aromatic or decorative plants, quite essential elements in a kitchen, regardless of its design style. For these elements you have a wide range of natural stones: white or cream marble if you prefer elegance, granite for its unique endurance and durability, travertine for the warmth of its shades or slate for an exotic and modern touch.


A natural stone sink can transform the ambience in your kitchen. It is extremely practical and compact, made from a durable, sustainable natural material and most importantly very easy to clean and maintain. We recommend waterproofing the product with professional LTP solutions for preventing water penetration into the pores and protecting it from external factors that might damage its beauty.


Kitchen is a space where you need to find the right solutions for achieving a balance between natural and artificial light. For a modern design kitchen you should give up traditional neon lighting that features cool uncomfortable lights, for furniture/ceiling embedded LEDs and lighting objects with warm light, closer to natural light. Suspended lighting objects, chrome-plated lighting objects or industrial lighting objects are only some of the recommended solutions for a modern kitchen decoration project.


3. Trendy color combinations


The grey is the new beige, offering more options in terms of shades and ambience. Shades of grey – a fantastic solution that anyone can afford. The obtained shades are nothing more than an optical illusion based on grey’s ability to borrow shades from space. Grey is the definition of elegance, refinement and the color splash your modern kitchen needs. These shades you can use for painting furniture pieces / a kitchen wall.


Yellow is another color that fits in the modern design of your kitchen. This color exudes joy, warmth and freshness and in combination with green will transfer a part of nature into your kitchen. Next to yellow you can add a turquoise touch, for a playful and comfortable touch into your kitchen. Turquoise can be found in accessories such as decorative chair pillows or even the table chairs. And even in home appliances.



The white kitchens are trendy, since this absolute shade can be combined with any other color. You can choose an always fashionable symbiosis between black and white or white in combination with shades of grey or simply a full white kitchen for adding a couple of chrome / metallic touches.



4. Geometry of modern kitchens


How to incorporate geometric shapes into modern kitchen design? Very simple! Here's what you can do:


Natural stone mosaic backsplashes bring these geometric shapes for integrating into your kichen decoration project – Nero Marquina Marble Polished Hexagonal Mosaic, Kavala Marble Mosaic, Arabescato Herringbone Marble Polished Mosaic or Travertine 3D mosaics. Brightly colored terrazzo tiles will also be amazing with their surface geometric patterns. Bookmatch marble slabs for wall cladding are a real work of art and a show with lines and geometric shapes. When you have a kitchen with dark colors mainly, white marble slabs will be the contrast you need. For keeping the geometric lines of your furniture pieces, remove cabinet handles – you can do everything by simply pressing, anyway.


Why choosing a modern kitchen?


The modern style is defined by refreshing old elements, adding minimalist geometric lines, refreshing colors alongside natural materials released from the depth of time that captures a new, modern touch, preserving stories of a lifetime inside their structure. The modern style is tailored to contemporary requirements and subjected to technology, trying to integrate a substantial part into our spaces. Every kitchen is based on two factors: the aesthetic and the functional one. Based on your need, you'll know what you want. For a modern kitchen decoration project, you do not necessarily need a huge budget or expert help.


Restoring natural materials such as stone and wood – together forming an ideal duo for any space – is a modern practice that brings added value to space, whilst bringing you closer to your own nature. Moreover, with its many possibilities and options, nature is always #generatinginspiration.


1. Kitchen island decoration


In modern kitchens, the freestanding dining table is replaced by a kitchen island table in the middle of this space, so that you are able to integrate an oven or storage facilities, eventually turning into the visual anchor of your kitchen. This type of decoration project is a perfect fit for an open-space / large-sized kitchen. As we already mentioned, modern designs are optimizing space, by providing a clean aesthetics that avoids clutter. Our way of life has transformed, which led to these changes in our personal space. A kitchen island has two purposed: aesthetic and functional.


Preparing meals will be a lot easier, giving you a comfortable space. You will have everything at hand – you can have an embedded sink / stove into your countertop or integrate shelves or storage cabinets – a decoration project that creates a dining place, with a couple of chairs and suspended lighting objects. Depending on the design of your kitchen, you can use this island for adding a color contrast and texture in space, for highlighting it. For this project, you can only have a natural stone countertop – marble – or if it is from other material, you should later clad it with SKIN flexible slate.


Depending on your needs the island can replace the bar, it can be simply a working space, coffee table or family dining table. A modern multifunctional element that fulfils all activity areas in a kitchen.


People usually aim to replicate decoration projects observed in architecture magazines or somewhere else, therefore we should carefullly adapt projects for our own space. A modern kitchen decoration project will consume time and energy in search of the best solutions, therefore we recommend starting with natural materials and nature as main sources of inspiration. Then, you have magazines and the Internet. If you become aware of your needs and set your priorities straight, a kitchen decoration project becomes much easier – you will need professional advice for combining and finding suitable colors, furniture size for obtaining a fresh space, combining natural materials, geometric lines that highlight each element and finally tips for adapting a modern kitchen. These are only a couple of tips and ideas regarding modern style, materials you could use to attain your goals and our reason to believe that natural stone has a special universe, able to integrate into every home by offering a personal touch.


#Generatinginspiration for thousands of projects, natural stone has a story that needs to go further. And this can only be attained with amazing project. Visit out website for discovering the perfect material for your modern kitchen decoration project!

Tips and ideas for a modern kitchen decoration project
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