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Whether it's marble, travertine, slate or granite, a hallway decorated with natural stone becomes a fantasy space. Being simultaneously elegant and cozy, such a hallway will never lose its charm. Here are some ideas you can put into practice:

A house’s hallway but also a flat’s could be any time decorated in a retro style. For this, the floor is paved with tumbled travertine and walls cladded with travertine mosaic. The natural stone will conveys a special felling into this area, identified by elegance and also the fact such a material creates the sensation of a cozy space.

The flooring colors should be selected to match the mosaic used for cladding and also the furniture objects in the hallway. At the same time, if you pick this interior design you should also take into account the volume of the area that needs renovation. Thus, for a smaller space, we recommend a light color travertine (e.g. yellow, white or cream) which will give a sensation of space. At the same time, the room (mainly no windows and deprived of natural light) will become brighter.

Front hall, natural stone flooring (tumble mosaic travertine) – part of a series featuring projects from PIATRAONLINE customers

For such decorations projects you should also choose the size of travertine tiles. As tiles are available in many sizes and different thickness, it is important to be suitable for your projects.

Flooring Detail – classic travertine and tumbled mosaic travertine – part of a series featuring projects from PIATRAONLINE customers

A large chandelier installed right in the middle of the ceiling, is an element for conveying a vintage note to your hallway. For smaller hallways, however, a wall lamp is much more suitable.

The hallway is the first impression your guests will have on your home, whether it's a flat or an opulent villa. Therefore, you must consider even the smallest detail when you decorate. A modern-look hallway can be achieved with marble, which highlights the areas that use it. Marble tiles are always in trend and besides, have also a huge advantage, unlike other materials: they are very durable and are available in a wide range of colors, from white to red and brown.

The marble can be used both for flooring, as a material durable against heavy traffic, as well as for cladding one or more walls. For houses with hallway ending with access stairs to the first floor, you should consider marble decorations. Another option is the granite, also highlighted by the fact that it is a very durable stone with a distinct simplicity.

For a modest volume hallway, you should know there are solutions to make it seem bigger. At least for your guests. You can surely use a mirror on a wall and also on one of the access doors exiting the hallway into another room. You can pick a simple mirror with classic lines, but there is always the solution of unique mirrors, especially since you have many different models available.

Another idea you can implement is a hallway partially decorated with natural stone. More exactly, the flooring needs to be cladded with granite tiles, an extremely durable material. You can pick a darker color granite, while the walls must be painted in shades such as white, yellow tones, blue, light green for a feeling of brightness, but also because these colors convey an illusion of space.

Also, keep in mind that, for such a space, the accessories play also an essential part. Thus, a painting can be the right decoration element for any type of hallway, wit a classic or a modern design.

Since there are many hallways perceived as cold from the first impression, you can turn this space into a cozier one with dynamic color furniture. Depending on your space, you can install numerous furniture pieces. A colored hanger made of wrought iron or a classic one, from wood. The space can become equally cozy and if you choose a table, an armchair (with several covers, in different shades, you can change as you please) or a shelf. Also, a lamp or a lamppost placed in a corner of the room can be the perfect lighting source to adapt to the design of your hallway.

Tips for cleaning natural stone

Natural stone aftercare is not at all difficult. You need to use professional cleaning products (detergents, mold and fungi cleaning solutions, delicate cleansing solutions) for natural stone surfaces. It is very important to use natural stone sealers for all natural stone surfaces, because of their increased protection.

Another protection for natural stone flooring are also the carpets, since they create a protection barrier against sand and dust deposits. Carpets will also animate the hallway ambience, especially if you pick colorful patterns in vivid colors. These are only some of the reasons for placing a rug, no matter how small, on a hallway flooring. It it less important if the hallway belongs to a studio apartment, a two-or three-bedroom suite or a large house.

For further details on choosing the natural stone best suited to your project give us a call at +40318.222.333, or send us an email at export@piatraonline.com!

Tips for Decorating your Hallway with Natural Stone
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