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Tips for decorating your living room on a budget

publicat in: Living room // Publicata pe 01.06.2018

How to decorate your living room


Stories, memories, special moments with your loved ones... The many emotions expressed by a simple room, such as your living! First of all a space for sharing, your living room must be deeply connected to you, as a personal note that transforms it into a genuine relaxation oasis. Therefore, it is essential to use the latest trends for your decoration project, so that it allows us to fell more relaxed, while spending time in a place where we find ourselves, with fresh and modern air.


What does living room means to you? Is is the place that makes you feel at home? If not, then what are you waiting for? Your dream living room is only a few elements away!



We are aware of the fact that a living room apartment benefits from a somewhat limited space for decoration projects, but this is actually the challenge! As a small space, every detail will be highlighted, therefore pay attention when choosing items for complementing the design of this room. Your creativity will be challenged and your personality will flow in every corner of the living room. That is why we suggest some natural stone elements, which will transform your living room into a modern oasis of relaxation.


Modern walls, regardless of space


Open shades, modern style and simple pieces of furniture – keep in mind these ideas when planning a living room decoration project. Besides all these, however, consider the types of finishes you choose for your living room walls. A popular trends during the last years includes stone cladding on one or two walls.



The white shades of Thassos marble, gentle beige shades of Cappuccino marble or the unique features of Thassos polygonal marble with tumble finish, are all perfect even for your living room. The polyonal Thassos marble is a natural tumbled stone, 2 cm thickness, suitable for both interior and exterior walls.


Natural stone is amazing with its gentle colors, but also the conveyed feeling of solid structure. These materials are very durable and in spite of their light color, the aftercare is extremely simple. Besides, by applying sealing treatments, you will reinforce the natural stone structure, thus extending the walls lifetime.


Window sills that underlines your windows


Have you ever considered the influence of window sills over the entire room? Their purpose is not only for protection of walls and windows, but also bringing a fresh, open air to your living room. Besides these features, windows sills can also have an aesthetic role, because they visually introduce a feeling of underlining windows and can contribute to the style of your room.


Natural stone window sills transmit, besides the already mentioned features, a huge expressive force and sophisticated air. Window sills can be made of marble, granite or travertine, each with its own personal touch.


For example, Sunny Dream polished marble window sills conveys warm and authentic notes into your living room with its unique veins. A Yellow granite window sill with polished finish, on the other hand, will contribute to an elegant design with its constant color. The Classic Cross Cut travertine, used both for window sills and for stairs cladding or as countertops for kitchen furniture, provides a huge visual impact of modernity, with its top quality honed finish.


Natural stone in the living room


The visual impact of natural stone creates a balance image between interior design and nature. Transfer nature into your living room by design objects from natural stone. For example, a wine bottle holder can turn into the point of attraction in your living room. Even if you are not a wine lover, you can decide to decorate with colorful sand bottles, different shapes and sizes, which you can subsequently use as artistic elements.



A few special items for complementing your ambience are the handmade candle holders made of sandstone.


The advantages of using natural stone elements are not only in terms of thermal efficiency, visual impact and modern design. Natural stone allows you to create representative spaces for your personality, providing an almost endless color palette. Its shades displays jewelry accents and are inspired by nature, so that the living room that includes natural stone elements is immediately transforms into your relaxation space.



You can decorate your living room just as you want it and the natural stone will convey a relaxing, warm breeze of harmony with nature. As a result, you and your family, together with some guests will feel comfortable and intimate, in a space that promotes communication and shared feelings.

Tips for decorating your living room on a budget
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