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publicat in: Terrace & Garden // Publicata pe 08.04.2015

Deciding to follow the latest trends in landscaping, comes with the benefit of a more beautiful life: by removing boundaries between exterior and interior, you will enjoy more space and details such the use of black shades, garden fountains or outdoor fireplaces will transform your garden into an elegant and very interesting area. Here are some tips for a trendy garden:


1. Black Walls

You create an interesting contrast using flowers and plants and a dramatic, elegant effect. Black is also trendy in 2015 for decorative elements such as: pots, flower boxes or small benches.


2. Exterior vs. Interior


Photo source: gardenista.com


You can maximize space with wide exit doors for your terrace/garden: thus, the exterior builds a special relationship with the interior of your house, conveying the feeling of a wide, open space. Also associated with natural stone, an excellent principle is using the same material for interior and terrace flooring, with different types of finish though. You will thus create consistence and coherence between the interior and the exterior.


3. Wall Fountains


Photo source: www.soothingwalls.com


Best suited for small spaces, the wall fountains will not use much space, yet will shape a special setting.


4. Outdoor Fireplaces


Photo source: decorationchannel.com


Because terrace and garden have become extensions of indoor spaces – besides the outdoor kitchen, dining area, armchairs and sofas, one of the interesting elements in your garden is the exterior fireplace.


5. House number

The house number can be painted, made of stone or hand made – the more creative and aesthetic, the better!


Photo source: www.rockingstucco.com


6. Paving and grass

"Ribbon" alleys are back in fashion: you can pave the two sides of backyard’s entrance walkway with natural stone, allowing the grass to grow between tiles for a more interesting effect. If you want to build yourself a walkway for your backyard, read first the recommendations from the article Pedestrian walkways – beauty and utility.


Photo source: www.rockingstucco.com


7. "Foodscaping”

The term is a combination of "food" and "landscaping" and keeps both meaning. A trend emerged from the recession, which becomes more popular with people in need of fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits but also a beautiful garden that obeys the principles of design. When you have a small garden, this trend encourages you to grow your own vegetables, based on your available space.


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Top 7 Landscaping trends
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