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Extra Blue Granite Polished Countertop 315 x 100 x 5 cm

Product code : PSP-7518

A natural stone countertop is an important element of a kitchen and also the point of attraction. The textures and natural stone colors convey creativity for such a space and objects processed with this material. Besides natural stone’s unique beauty, these countertops are an ideal solution because of extended lifetime and durability.

Countertops can be used for decoration projects of bathrooms, living rooms or even for a terrace table, besides the kitchen table. Extra Blue Granite Polished Countertop with polished finish is an amazing detail for conveying a touch of elegance and style. Granite is not popular for its beauty of texture or colors, but rather for its hardness. Nevertheless, Extra Blue Granite is a granite overflowing with natural beauty.

The countertop was cut from slabs, standard size 315 x 100 x 5 cm, for cladding the top of the kitchen furniture, but not only for this. We have countertops with standard size 250 x 65 x 3 cm, but also cut-to-size, depending on your project. Also, Extra Blue Polished Granite can be used for special parts – window sills or stairs.

Installation tips:

Installation is very simple, yet for a successful project you should hire experts in natural stone installation.

Natural stone countertops will not need special support and can be installed on any type of furniture.

By request we can process countertop / plinth from the same material.

For installing natural stone countertops over the underlay we recommend: Soudal Fix All or even a sanitary silicone.


Tips for natural stone aftercare:

Granite is a hard and durable stone, yet for an extended lifetime you should keep in mind 3 procedures: cleaning, sealing and aftercare

Seal the surface with LTP MPG, a powerful sealer used for the polished surfaces or LTP Mattstone H20, an eco-friendly solution based on water; for more protection, apply 2 coats of solution

Enhance and highlight the color of travertine with LTP Color Intensifier

You can use LTP Clearwax for a special glow and extra protection

As a result, the micro pores of the natural stones are sealed, creating a barrier against water, therefore the stone will not stain so easily

For cleaning and aftercare of natural stone we recommend LTP StoneWash, neutral cleaner which will not influence the surface and will not remove the protection

Extra Blue Granite is an amazing material, ideal for unique special parts, able to convey energy and style into your decoration project. If you plan to decorate your house and you are still looking for elements, we suggest visiting our website for generating inspiration.

Technical specifications
Lenght (m) 0 m
Material Granite
Cleaning & maintenance
Product for cleaning (light stains) LTP Power Stripper
Product for cleaning and aftercare (daily) LTP Stonewash / LTP Stonecare / LTP Waxwash
Product for cleaning before or after installation LTP Grimex
Product for intensive cleaning or stains LTP Stoneclean
Recommended sealer LTP Mattstone H20 / LTP Grount & Tile Protector
Sealer for color enhancement LTP Colour Intensifier
Sealer for wet spaces LTP Mattstone H20 / LTP Colour Intensifier
Color Blue
Color variation Small
Dimensions 315 x 100 cm
Product selection Standard
Recommended for: Bathroom
Surface finish: Polished
Thickness 5 cm
Recommended adhesive Sanitary silicone / Soudal Fix All
Product purchase details
Delivery Order now and we will dispatch it by truck in Europe or by container internationally. Regardless of quantity, our shipping cost will be low. To find out our shipping price, just give us a call.
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