New Hollywood-inspired kitchen models

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New Hollywood-inspired kitchen models

Kitchen models - a new PIATRAONLINE range of products

We've recently added a new type of product in our offer: luxury natural stone kitchen furniture. More exactly, the kitchen furniture is cladded in Polished Nero Marquina marble slabs (60 x 60 x 1.8 cm). From now on, it's not only movie stars or famous artists that can enjoy these sumptuous and elegant natural stone kitchens, but also anyone in Romania or all over the world. In order to provide inspiration, we've built an example of this type of concept-kitchen in our showroom, using Nero Marquina marble. The countertop is made from stainless steel, while the splashback is made from Peach travertine, to provide contrast. The FRANKE appliances - stone and oven - complete the design style of the project. The furniture is made in collaboration with The Romanian Furniture Club Association, which we are also a part of.

The actual cladding is not a complicated process, as long as the measurements are made correctly, the right adhesive (for instance, LTP) is used and the installers know exactly what they are doing. If you're interested in a kitchen of this kind, you can send us the correct measurements and we will send the pieces of stone your project requires. We also provide an experienced installation team if requested.

Keep in mind, not only kitchen cabinets can be decorated with natural stone. Almost any even furniture surface, vertical or horizontal, can be cladded with natural stone, either in the shape of tiles or mosaics. There is a whole range of products you can choose from and you can see it all in our showroom in 137A Teisani Street, Bucharest, Romania or online.

Kitchen models - variety, refinement and durability
There are a lot of kitchen models out there, but they all tend to look the same, there is nothing special about them. In the case of natural stone cladding (for instance, Nero Marquina), your kitchen will definitely stand out from the crowd, due to the stone's specific style, its veiny pattern and its famous lustre. The kitchen is a social space that will become more balanced and comfortable for friends and family to enjoy time together. So, consider the beauty and durability of natural stone for the kitchen furniture

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 For more suggestions about how to used natural stone call +40318.222.333, email us at or, better yet, visit our showroom in 137A Teisani Street, District 1, Bucharest, Romania.

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