LTP Grout & Tile Protector Spray - Strong sealant for natural stone (natural finish)

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Product description

LTP Grout & Tile Protector Spray – forms a colorless barrier and helps in protecting the porous walls and the grouting from water, dirt, oils, grease and limescale, fact which makes the treated surfaces easier to maintain. Shipped by carrier with payment at delivery.

The benefits of using the LTP Grout Sealer Tile Protector Spray
Easy to apply, fast dry formula
Long lasting protection against penetration by water, dirt, grease and limescale
Suitable for both walls, floorings and joints
Excess spraying dries out colorless

Coverage per 600ml:
600 linear meters depending upon the size of grout joint and number of coats required.
5 - 25 sqm depending upon the porosity and the number of coats required

Directions for use:
Areas to be treated must be cleaned. Older contaminated and dirty grouting should be cleaned with LTP Grimex and then rinsed thoroughly. Newly grouted surfaces should be left to cure for 20-30 minutes and should be clean and free from dust before application. Always test the product on an inconspicuous area for suitability before general application. Shake can well. Spray 15-20 cm from the surface and spray in a sweeping motion. Touch dry within 5 minutes. A 2-3 hour curing time is recommended upon completion before allowing traffic. For wet areas including shower enclosures and wet rooms allow the sealer to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before use. Test area after application with a little water, if the water is absorbed, a second or even third coat may be required to obtain maximum performance. Use only in open or well ventilated areas. Open windows and if possible use fans to circulate air. It is recommended that a suitable respiratory mask be worn at all times. Overspray on highly polished porcelain or stone and highly glazed surfaces may in some cases leave a slight residue, in which case wipe up any excess within 5 minutes. Stubborn residues left on the surface can be removed with the application of more LTP Grout & Tile Protector which should then be buffed off immediately. Do not spray on to acrylic or stained surfaces such as cabinets and stained timber skirting boards. Mask and protect these surfaces before application.

Shake can well before use.

Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning agents. Clean treated areas with water and a mild PH neutral detergent like LTP Waxwash or LTP Stonewash. In some instances it may be necessary to use a stronger cleaner to remove stubborn surface marks, in which case you may need to re-seal treated areas.

Product specification

Additional Info
Product can be applied on any surface except polished ones. Must also be taken into account the fact that it should not be applied outdoor if its going to rain soon (in this case, use LTP MATTSTONE H20, a powerful water based sealant).
Weight (U.M.)
0.6 kg
Color variation
Product code
Suitable for:
Interior - wall cladding
Exterior - floor covering
Exterior - wall cladding
Exterior intense traffic paving
Interior - floor covering
Exterior medium traffic paving
Product purchase details
Order now and we will dispatch it by truck in Europe or by container internationally. Regardless of quantity, our shipping cost will be low. To find out our shipping price, just give us a call.
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1 Piece
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0.6 Kg
Weight of the pallet / box / package (kg)
600 Kg

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